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Play/pause the song.It is a part of the story.

If You Want Me - Marketa Irglova

There was once a fisherman who fell in love with a young maiden,a belle named Glavius. She was so lovely that the young fisherman was willing to do anything for her.In her heart Glavius was glad of the fisherman's infatuation,for she also had feelings for him.Her words however portrayed the opposite.

"I have heard countless men uttering those meaningless words.How they love me and adore me."she said."What could be different of you?"
To this the fisherman didn't answer,instead he gave her a wreath of flowers,tied together into a shape of a crown with little buds as ornament."Here is a gift for you."
Glavius took the crown-like flowers congregation and was about to put them on her head,when an idea suddenly struck her.As if it was an accident,the wreath flew from her hands and went into the sea.
"Oh the wind is so strong.The flowers are already in the water.Oh well,there goes your gift."
"Don't worry Glavius,I'll get them for you."
"Be quick then," said Glavius haughtily,though she felt secretly happy upon the fisherman eagerness.

The fisherman ran towards the sea,but accidentally brushed against an old man who came out of the sea all of a sudden.The old man weakly fell back into the water,so the fisherman quickly helped him and apologized.
"I am so sorry dear old man.I did not see you,as you suddenly appear.Are you hurt?"
"Where are you hurrying to?" asked the old man instead.
"I want to bring back my love's wreath of flower.Are you hurt old man?For I am now in a hurry."
"Why hurry?"
"To bring back my love's wreath,I said," a trace of impatient in his voice.
"To bring wreath,or are you afraid of her wrath?"
"Old man.What are you trying to say?That I do this insincerely?If you are trying to insult me,I have no time for this" retorted the fisherman,before he turned and jumped into the water.He however did not heard the old man reply,"Such foolishness."Nor did he saw the old man sinking into the water,disappearing mysteriously.

A distance away,Glavius waited impatiently as her suitor halted by an old man.She was looking upon the horizon when she heard a scream.Turning her head,she saw the fisherman laying on the beach,screaming in agony,and on his legs were marked with jellyfish stings while his hands grasping the wreath to bits.

Medicines were sought after but the stings took its toll on the fisherman.It rendered him impaired by pain,unable to move,let alone to go continue fishing.Thus the neighbours took pity on him,giving him food.A beggar and a cripple he became.His spirit was lifted however every morning when Glavius would come visit him as early when the dew still hang and stay until the sun almost set.Feeling guilty,she took care of him and stripped herself of her pretentious nonchalant attitude towards the fisherman.
She returned the fisherman feeling and was almost all the time by his side,attending to the fisherman,so tentatively that she grew weak and fell ill.After having recovered from fever,her family forbade Glavius from visiting the fisherman,thus what is left of his life joy gone forever.
The fisherman lay in pain,in his body and heart.

"Would you like to be well again?" asked a voice one night.
The fisherman turned towards the voice and saw the old man he saw nine full moons before.
"You are the old man at the sea,"he recognized."But how could you help me?Countless healers had tried.All were futile,and I will slowly die of this.Please leave me alone."
"All I ask is of you to forget the foolishness you called love,and to follow me as your master.Would you like to be well again,I ask you," asked the old man again.
"Hah.Try all you like," sneered the fisherman.

To his astonishment,the old man put his hand on the stings marking,before the pain slowly receded and finally vanished.He was about to thank the old man when he comprehended that the jellyfish was the old man.
"You tricked me!You evil creature!You were the damned jellyfish that stung me," exclaimed the fisherman.
"You promised to follow me as your master," said the old man calmly.
"Silence!" shouted the fisherman as he stormed out of his house,running towards Glavius'.
The old man was left alone,silently watching the fisherman ran.
"You promised," said the old man to himself.A spell and a reminder to the fisherman.

Almost reaching Glavius' house,the pain in the fisherman's leg came back little by little but growing ominously terrible the closer he came to his heart's desire.Mustering all his strength he stood outside the house,he shouted,"Glavius!"
His voice was heard clearly,causing the whole household to come out and see.However see they could not,for the fisherman was almost transparent as water,truly invisible in the night.Glavius' family search for the source of voice but couldn't find it.Thinking that some brat was playing a trick,Glavius' family members lost interest and went back inside one by one,leaving Glavius staring at the empty space.
"Glavius.." said the fisherman,his voice now barely a whisper.
"It is you!Where are you?" said Glavius.
The fisherman was about to answer when the old man suddenly appeared,"Leave her,keep your promise,your pain gone and she will be safe."

"Where are you?!" Glavius asked urgently.
"Answer me please," she continued.
There was still no answer,even when Glavius repeatedly called the fisherman's name.
Slowly she doubted herself.
"Are you really here?"

Note:Play/replay the song again at this point.Story~song.
p.s. The song is as you can see is sung by a talented Tsechische(czech) artist.


Pemburu said...

hmm..what a romantic story but...is that all the ending? kind of hanging ja. :P

Pemburu said...

awat yg ttbb dia mintak laki tu p jauh2 plak (in the lyric, if i get it right) padahal awal tu dia nk dkt2 ngan laki tu. pelik2.