Monday, December 28, 2009

Lirikan lalu


Dulu kau, dulu aku
Sekarang I and you.

Dulu pantang bertegur sapa,
Pasti ada yang tak kena,
Pasti ada yang nak dikata;
Tapi sekarang pantang berdepa,
Terus ditanya tadi ke mana?
Manis pula kata-kata.

Dulu hujahnya tajam,
sindirannya sentiasa menikam;
Tapi sekarang lain ragam,
Rupanya manja dalam diam.

Yang dulu kini ditinggalkan,
yang sekarang didahulukan,
Larian masa takkan dapat diulang;
Pikir pula ke depan-depan,
apa guna ditenung mendung awan,
Tarian hujan takkan dapat dihalang.

Dulu benci dan luat,
kini benci semakin kuat.

p.s. haha..wanted to write bleumond/akmar, but got stuck.

Monday, December 14, 2009


If I were a water spider,
I'd skimp over the ripple, fleet over the water,
And when you flow
is where the spider will go.

If I were a doctor, a would-be doctor
Wouldn't life be so much easier,
The pills for health, the title for your hands
Blessings to their daughters, the parents would lend.

But if are ifs and I am neither,
Only a lad with dreams and half-sided grin,
If sulks and smiles, you never tire
Then let there be no doctor, nor spider,
only a lad with a grin.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kias kelui

Pipit sama pipit,
Enggang dengan enggang,
Pipit, pipit serindit,
Enggang jalan seorang.

Enggang pergi ke dalam rimba,
dahaga di hati inginkan air;
Mencari perigi ketemu timba,
raga ternanti hingga ke akhir.

Pipit terbang lada bersulah,
Nasi disenduk sambil bernyanyi;
Andai tangan bertepuk sebelah,
Kucing bertanduk pun tak akan berbunyi.

Pipit tuli memakan jagung,
Mata terkebil, ditelan sangkut;
Walau berkali berulam jantung,
Hati dipanggil tetap menyahut.

Bukan mabuk di enggan lalu,
Tepi jendela pipit berbuat sarang;
Bukan tertunduk tersipu malu,
Tapi sedar pipit yang angannya panjang.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll make bread!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could eat something else beside mice, Big Brother?"
"What would you want?" Big Brother hooted.
"Well, I don't really know," Small Brother answered. He flapped his wings once and flew to another branch where he perched silently. After a while he blinked his big eyes and suddenly said, "I know, I know! I want to eat Bread!"

"Bread?" Big Brother turn his head a half circle, looking backwards.
"Yes, Bread! You know, the one like in the story. Where the hen plants wheat in the field. She then tends them for many days, which is hard work from what I've heard. However I am certain the food will taste better since the effort poured on it is considerable. It sure is more interesting than catching mice. Those little rodents are so stupid and always surprised that they're dead. It is so boring eating them, don't you think so Big Brother?"
"Hmm," he hooted non-commitally.
Upon the lack of response, Small Brother continued, "And after the wheat is grown, the next process is to harvest and mill. In the story, the wheat is turned into flower. Fancy that Big Brother. You get a flower. A flower from wheat!"
"Anyway the flower is then dried in the sun before it is next used for the baking of the bread. The smell of baked bread!  The story always say that the aroma will make your mouth water. Delicious! Wouldn't it wonderful to eat bread? Well why not? In fact, I am eating bread from now on! I'll start to plant wheat tomorrow. Isn't that a great idea Big Brother?"

"Yes, it is. Only one thing."
"What is that?" asked the small owl.
Big Brother turned his head from the back to the front, and said, "You must wake up in the morning," before he flew away and caught a mice.

 The end

Owls can turn their head ~180°. Cool. Hoot, hoot!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aku bukan Usman Awang mahupon Shakespeare

Aku tak reti sastera,
tak pandai buat ayat bunga-bunga,
kalau cakap kat depan, mesti gagap-gagap,
kalau sembang intelek, mesti lambat tangkap.
Dulu karangan kat sekolah markahku slalu rendah,
perkataan pulak tak pernah cukup patah,
kalau tengok kat kertas tanda merah merata,
Cikgu kata bnyk salah, kurang kosa kata.

Aku lagi tak reti Bahasa Inggeris
ejaan pelik, berbelit-belit, berlapis-lapis,
paling susah bila terjumpa orang putih,
setakat 'yes' 'no' pastu tersengih-sengih.
Agaknya sebab tu mat saleh kata kita peramah,
bila ditanya, tegur, senyum panjang tak bermadah,
yang aku maksudkan begitu pengguna sepertiku,
yang kantoi Inggeris, dunno bahasa baku.

Jadi bila menulis, tulisan ku lemah,
bila bertutur, kataku tak petah,
kadang-kadang mesej aku tak sampai,
selalu orang panggil aku lampi, tak pandai.
Tapi bila salah janganlah gelakkan,
senyum sinis pon kalau boleh jangan,
Tegurlah kalau mahu, cuma jangan bagi aku malu.
Apa guna sombong ilmu, diusung ke hilir ke hulu

Aku bukan Shakespeare
Ceritanya di sanjung, diperhati, ditelaah di institusi.
Tapi siapa pasti pula, pendapat ku sampah tak berisi?

Dan aku bukan Usman Awang,
Beliau ramai orang kenal, digelar tongkat Waran,
Aku tiada yang kenal, aku hanya seorang insan.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dictator wishes

There are three things I wish more
First of the three is gold and money
To spend on the world and its galore
Pave the path to anywhere my heart's glee

Next I wish for more power to hold
This I weld and drag behind my heels
Allies adores while enemies behold!
For those who oppose will be killed

Of the three I wish more of the last
More than the two I wished before
I wish to forget bloody deeds of past
Which my tainted hands threw my peace obscure

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rhabit

It was a cloudy morning in May, as I walked over the country. After not a while, to my surprise I saw a rabbit scuffling slowly across the ground. It was white in colour, a peculiarity where the norm is brown, the rabbit turned as it heard my footstep and began to distance itself from me. Though what is more peculiar is it only went just a few meters away and when I came close, it ran away again, maintaining a constant distant from me.

This behaviour persisted so I followed as it evades me, when suddenly I tripped over roots and about to fall. The rabbit must have occured to its little brain that I wanted to catch it, that the white creature bolted away. I regained my steps and followed it, where I saw the rabbit crossed the road(for we were leaving the fields) and a car came. The driver probably barely noticed except a slight bum, the left tyre, as the car sped away blissfully.

I ran and prepared myself for the worse.
The rabbit was dead, or so I thought. However it suddenly talked, I musn't be dead then, I amended my thoughts. Then again, it couldn't be a rabbit then, if it happened to talk. Nevertheless it spoke.

To be honest I had believed the voices to be mine, except for the fact that the mouth of the white rabbit was in sync with the voice, while my mouth, I noticed, was dry and agap. What the rabbit said was even surprising, something you would not expect to be said by a ran-over rabbit, if they could talk at all. Still, what it said was something like this.

To die insignificantly or;
to die beautifully.

To this I had no response, as I now feel it was not a question. Even if it was, I wouldn't be able to provide an adequate reply at that time. The rabbit further said.

If a rabbit were to furrow a burrow,
would it simply be something that resembles one.
If a rabbit were to die and not see tomorrow,
would it matter what it left behind and done?

with that the rabbit stopped. Its words stopped with its breath. A friend of mine asked, "Why do you tell about this sad rabbit then?"
"I do not know. It's a habit."

A Rhabit. The end.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I once went to an island

The verses somehow related to this video/song.
Watch it first, or later, whichever suits. I recommend the former.
Owh and the writing below is not lyrics for the video. It just relates in a way. A bit.

I once went to an island

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A new way of story telling that I was trying.
Unfortunately blogspot makes it quite hard to upload a succession of story.
So instead the pictures are uploaded to facebook.
Yes, the story is pictures

here's the public link

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There was once two salmons swimming in the sea.

They were swimming happily when he asked her, when would she be going back upstream.
She just kept quiet so they continued swimming silently.
The next day he asked her again,when would she be going back upstream.Again she didn't answer and again he accepted it quietly.
The next day he asked her again, and this time she answered.

"I do not want to go upstream. I love the sea and I want to swim in it for all my life"
He laughed.Yes, fishes do laugh and when they do, small bubbles came out of their gills.

"Why are you laughing?" she asked.
He answered that he didn't believe that she wouldn't go back upstream.
"We will see and wait. Then we will swim back together," he added.
"I am not going back."
"Then I have to swim with you for now," he said.
"Will you swim with me, as I explore the depth of the sea?"
"I will not be here forever, but I will wait upstream until whenever."
Thus they swam together onwards for some time.

Then as the last call came for the fish to return, as the last tulip bloomed, he left her in the sea and swam upstream to the place it all began. There he waited and in his waiting he saw how others grew red and how they left behind new eggs.
Even when they began to hatch, he was still waiting with his skin the same shade as before.
What happened to her, he never knew.
What happened to him was he never changed his scales and in his young body he died of old age, waiting for the salmon who fell in love with the sea.

Oh foolish fish, a silly salmon he was, waiting for something that never was to come.
Death In Vain.

The end.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tap-here (Tapir)

The Tapir Tahir

There was once a tapir,
or was it a tahir?
Anyway he was our class leader.
A fine one said the other members
Drove a car light blue in colour,
"Jambu gila" some would mutter.
But really it doesn't matter,
Cos with the car,to Jusco we could wander!

Now it made me ponder
What on earth am I starting to blabber,
Owh about our class monitor
who wants a story about her
eh it's a him,not her!
egal, as long as he's a character
in any story that appear
on my blog,blog blogger~~~

though this aint one for that matter,
simple proses hacked together
run around,run little letters
be a poem,be a prose,or whatever
well,at least isn't it better
than only a key-chain peddler?

There was once Tahir,
or was it a tapir?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bléumond 1.5

The fifth part of the 1st chapter.

The person sitting on the floor was tired as he looked back at all the people staring at him. Lord Farquar ordered Links to tie him up while he held Bléumond.
"Instur? Is he your master?"
"No no," she quickly replied, her mood lifted seeing the handicraft man."I am not his slave. I just call him Instur."
"You don't make any sense," he said. He was about to ask when Morlai entered the room."You used the ring?" Morlai said accusingly. After noticing the tied up prisoner he added, "I see. It's him."
"You know him too?" Lord Farquar said irritated.
"He was someone the girl met before," said Morlai.
"Why didn't you kill him?" Lord Faquar's words froze Bléumond.
"I had no need for that."
"You could avoid this," Lord Faquar snarled.
"I will check outside to see if he is alone," Morlai replied."Guard him. The skin is magical. Do not touch it."
"Enough,” Lord Faquar growled as Morlai left the room."Guard him Links, and you hold her," he said as he too was leaving the room."I still have to question them," he added.

The room's atmosphere changed as soon as the tow magicians disappeared and Links even went to the extent of mimicking Morlai's actions. Bléumond had found it funny at first but then she noticed the tired face of Instur, who was concentrating on the three guards. He then suddenly spoke, "Links, can you give me some wine, eh?"
Links was surprised the prisoner spoke, let alone asked for some drinks.
"Why should I give you some?"
"Now, now. Why wouldn't you? Just because that man told you so?"
"What do you know bout that man eh?" Links said. He then poured the prisoner some wine from a cask.
"I don't know a lot but anyone can see he is a no good person. Right eh?" said Instur, before adding, "Pour me some more wine please."
"Good person he sure not is," chipped Port."You know, he is sure wicked. Worst than any mortal can be. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never be a hundredth as wicked as him"
So the room went lively with their chatters, the three guards talking to the prisoner. If it were not for the tied hands, Instur would pass as the others himself. During all this while Bléumond noticed Instur kept drinking a lot of wine, triple than the guards altogether but instead the drowsy looks on the others, his eyes maintained a concentrated look on his tired face. She also noticed his stomach was bulging.
"Is your skin really magical?" Filip was asking.
"Of course it isn't," Links butted in, “aint I'm right, eh?"
"But what's that bulge there?" Port began to notice." You know my uncle once had a belly as big as that until one day, he.."

Unfortunately no one ever knew what happened to Port's uncle because at that time the door opened and Morlai entered the room. He was infuriated seeing the prisoner given wine."Fools. Don’t give him wine. Don’t give him anything."
Intoxicated by the wine, Links bravely stood up to Morlai and started to shout back."I'll give him whatever I want. You think you are so high and powerful, eh?"
Meanwhile Bléumond saw Instur taking the top of the cask by his mouth and gulping it all in. Things then went very fast.

He threw the cask with a swing of his head and it broke near the lamp. A small fire erupted. Instur took a deep breath and as the guards and Morlai turned around to face him, he let out a gush of water from his mouth. It caught fire and the room was ablaze. Instur blew forth fire, burning the walls and the guards, forcing them back while he came close to Bléumond. She shielded her eyes for the heat blinded her as he came closer. The flame slowly grew smaller before suddenly it suddenly stopped.
"Hop on my back," urgently said. Bléumond followed obediently. She turned around and saw Lord Faquar emerging from his father's study room, leaving a gap in the translucent wall, through which Lenna's face was staring straight into her eyes, scared. She shouted Lenna's name, when Instur's tied hand pushed her closer to his back. Instinctively she put her arms around his neck. He said something but she was focused on Lenna's frightened face that she didn't heard it. Lenna called for Bléumond when Lord Faquar pulled out his hand, again sending a spreading wave closer to her eyes. Just as it was about to pass her, everything became a blur of shadows. The voices were gone and replaced by silence.
Bleumond's heart thumped, her lungs pricked as if hit by a thousand needles, her eyes blinded by spasms of light.
And it all suddenly stopped as sudden as it began.
She fell from Instur's back, vomiting and sick on the bare ground. Instur was lying a few feet away. After a few seconds she heard Instur's voice, „I told you to close your eyes and mouth. You didn't listen and kept shouting."He then said softly, „Are you alright?"
Bléumond couldn't answer him. Quietly he left him.
Only then did she notice she was crying. Lenna’s face came to her mind. Suddenly the thought that she didn't cry before for her parents, made her hate herself. Then she cried even more, rocking herself to sleep, closing her wet eyes. In the middle of her sleep she felt someone wrapping her in a blanket, carrying her away. Thus she called out, „Father?"

The voice answered yes.
Bléumond closed her eyes tighter.

Bléumond 1.4

The fourth part of the 1st chapter.

Bléumond walked silently in the already dark woods, although scattered rays from the setting sun touched the damp earth here and there,enough light for Bléumond to follow the man who appeared recently.The man was wearing a robe,a hood covering his face from being seen even when the canopy broke and they were in the open.Bléumond had been following aimlessly before that,her thoughts occupied,until she realized they had reached the river.
"Where are we going?" she asked.
"To your home," he answered as they walked along the banks.The word home lifted her spirit although he said in a rather indifferent voice.Flat.And it sounds faraway,the way sounds echo in the woods.Hearing his voice reminded Bléumond being back in the wood,reminding her of the handicraft man,or Instur as she called her.She finally asked the hooded man.
"Is the man dead?"
"No.I have no need for that," he replied plainly.Other people would stop when he used the word 'no need',but Bléumond obliviously didn't.
"But he said that we were poisoned,the way cubs are taken from their mother.And he also said that she is normally killed.I wonder if he was only lying to me.Wasn't he?" Bléumond asked rather to herself but she turned towards the man nevertheless.For once since they walked,the man turned to her.Her heart skipped a bit.
It was just a glimpse.His face was shiny and skin taut over them,his hard skull as if protruding from within.It was as if they were made of wood.Suddenly however his face smooth out and left Bléumond wondering whether her eyes was tricked in the dim lighting.She then looked at his eyes and notice they were faraway,as if pondering a decision.
Bléumond heart stopped once more when she remembered her question and realized that Instur's life was in danger,as her question triggered the hooded man to reasses his own action.
After a pause he finally said,"The horse is over there."
Together they rode with her in the front saddle,towards her house,leaving the forest behind.Bléumond was scared to look back,though she managed to steal a peep from under the arms of the hooded man holding the reins.She then exhaled quietly,relieved that nothing happened to the handicraft man.


Bléumond was tired by the time they reached her home and it took a while before she noticed the house was different.
"What happen?Where is the light?" Bléumond jumped off the horse and went inside."Why isn't Wok putting up the lights?" She was searching for the house servants when she a stranger blocked the corridor.She looked up and saw the man had a menacing face and wore a grin with a blotch of birth-marks on the right of his face.He spoke and it instantly reminded her of the bull she saw with a patch of red skin on its back.
"So this is the young girl,"he said."You did manage to bring him,eh?"
The last words were directed to the hooded man,who ignored them.Instead he said,"Keep her in this room.I'll be waiting in the next room until the seal is finished."
The man with the blotch on his face followed the orders a bit reluctantly,his dislike for the hooded man clearly shown as he muttered words under his breath.He was about to hold Bléumond when she noticed that his father's study room was open and to her surprise her cousin,Lenna was sitting in there,scared.
"Lenna!You came!" she shouted to Lenna,though she didn't seem to hear.Before the blotch-faced man could react,Bléumond was already entering her father's study.She stepped into the room when instead of her cousin,she saw the back of the hooded man and the blotched faced man coming towards her.She looked to her left and saw her right leg,which cause her to let out a gasp.The hooded man turn and before Bléumond could figure out what was happening,he caught her by the shoulders and pulled her out from the room,holding her tightly and preventing her from going back.
He spoke angrily to the other,"Look after her,now."
He then turned away into the opposite room.
Bléumond felt her hand pulled by the blotch-faced man,who was still muttering under his breath.He dragged her to the living room,from which Blèumond could see Lenna sitting alone scared.In the living room she discovered two more strangers.
"What are you mumbling Links?" asked the first.
"The monster.Thinks he can order us around,eh.Just because he's a magician.Give me some wine,Port," said Links to the second stranger.
"You shouldn't drink in front of the lady,Links.It's bad manners," the first stranger chipped in.
"You and your manners.You thinking yourself some kind of noble,eh Filip?" Links replied.
"Maybe he thinking he's some kind of magician.You know,like the monster next door," jest Port,followed by Links' laughter.
"Is he really a magician?" Bléumond asked,cutting the laughter.
"Well the lady is asking herself," said Port."You know,he's not really a magician,he's a monster.Isn't that the right manner to say it,Filip."
"I don't know.Sometimes he seems good enough.Better than Lord Farquar most of the time"
Suddenly Links slapped Filip,leaving him speechless."You stupid.Lord Farquar is our master," said Links,followed by a few seconds of silence.He then took a sip of the wine and said in a better mood,"Besides,the monster only behaved because he has his intentions."
All this while Bléumond watched as her three guards talked about the hooded man and their master,a man named Lord Farquar.Occasionally she would asked a few questions and due to the liquor,the men answered them uninhibitedly.Through them,Bleumond also discovered the hooded man was a magician,and so was Lord Farquar.Morlai,for that was the name of the hooded man though they called him monster, was a man the guards hated much mainly because for his attitude,but also for his weird ways of 'magic'.Links was describing how Morlai set up the walls surrounding the study room,one that interested Bléumond so much that she forgot Lenna was actually kept caged in there,when suddenly the living room door opened.
The manner the guards changed,suggesting the incomer was important, in which he then voiced his authority.He was Lord Faquar.
"Links,grab her.You two stand up and ready."
Pulled to her feet,Bléumond saw Lord Faquar held out his hand and on his finger glittered a ring.The ring sparkled as she looked,creating an expanding blue wave that came closer to her eyes,before they passed through her eyes and vanish beyond her body.
Then there was a thud.The five people turn towards the sound,where a body was lying convulsing on the floor.There was only 2 lamps in the room and by the meek lights they provided,Bléumond saw that the body had scaly and glistening skin.Port and Filip quickly grasped the body upon Lord Faquar's command.They pulled him upright and under the light Bléumond gave a gasp.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beep Beep! The Ice cream truck

Since I am so lazy,I'm still procrastinating(is it spelled right) to write Bléumond.
So here's a light piece.

"You're late to school!Quick now Dori," said Mrs Smith.Ushering his son out of the house,she gave him the lunch pack."Don't forget this Dori and come back home directly after school."
"Ok mom."

Theodore is 8 years old.Yes,his name is Theodore and only his mother called her Dori.At least until one day she picked him up after school due to an emergency,that she forgot and called him Dori in front of his class.Case close.Thus he was known all through his 1st grade as Dori.Dori!What a peculiar name,teachers used to ask.
But that was last year,almost at the end of the year.So last night before he went to sleep,Dori hoped people would forget the incident and called him Theodore,but right then he wished fervently he wasn't too late for the bus.The first period was Mr Hankins, and you wouldn't like to make him mad,as he would be all red and puffy.People said if water is poured on his angry face,it could steam a bun!
Of course not one of the pupil knew if it was true,as clearly no one ever tried.
Focusing the story back to Dori,who was rushing to the bus stand,fervently hoping it was still there.
Dori had missed the bus.


Mr Hankins was signing his big ominous Teacher's book,with big curly letters spelling his name on it,when Dori arrived at the door.The class was silent and only the scribbling handwriting of the students were heard,which stopped when the class began to notice Dori's arrival.Noticing the peculiar silent,Mr Hankins looked up and was stumped.He was so shocked that he forgot to be angry."Why are you late?" he asked monotonously.
"Well,I missed the bus and then there was this big ice cream truck that stopped in front of me and asked if I wanted a ride,but I said no because mother teached(taught?) me so.And the driver said,would I like some ice cream.And I said yes,and he asked what flavour.And then he whispered to me there is a magic flavor ice cream,that if you eat you can see invisible things.So I said ok and ..then.." Dori slowly stopped when he realized Mr Hankins was quite and sure enough when Dori looked at his teacher's face,it was deep red and puffy,like a steam engine train stopped head on by Superman.
Mr Hankins was quite for a while,quietly before barking at Dori,"You came 1 hour late,all haggard and dirty and I expected a logical explanation and you spin all this bullocks!"
He took a deep breath before continuing,"Now go stand outside,I will bring you to the headmaster,PERSONALLY."
Once Mr Hankins brought a bully PERSONALLY to head's office and through unknown contraption and plans,the boy was transformed and by the end of the year was the head prefect.
Dori gulped hearing that,turned and slowly walked to the door.
"Wait!" Mr Hankins suddenly barked.Dori's heart beat wildly.Maybe Mr Hankins is not mad anymore,maybe he knew I was telling the truth and he wanted to hear my story again,thought Dori.
"What is your name?Full name," asked Mr Hankins.
Dori turned and answered,"Theodore Smith."Now can I sit? he asked in his mind.
"Smith..Samuel..Skyparsky..Here.Smith,Theodore," mumbled Mr Hankins to himself,before addressing Dori, "Now go stand outside."

To Dori's surprise,there was already another pupil standing outside.Raymond also camea bit late (about three minutes) that day,so he had been standing there for about an hour by that time.
"How big is the ice cream lorry?" Raymond whispered.Dori took a while to answer,so he said," You didn't see any ice cream lorry,did you?"
"Yes I did!"
"Shh..He can hear you.Don't talk so loud,or he will come and tell us to stand away."
"Ok ok..But I did see a lorry ice cream!It was so big,it was like a contena.It had lots of wheels and very long,with boxes with different types of flavors,in the back."
Raymond was in awe,but managed to ask,"How come you know there are.You said your mother said don't take rides with stranger."
"The driver told me.Besides,they were painted on the side of the back.Chocolates,vanillas,strawberries, and lots more.It even had those yucky yam flavour and others that I don't know."Seeing Raymond drooling,Dori continued,"But I was in a hurry,so I didn't have the time to taste,and then the driver asked why I was in a hurry.After I explained,he gave me the magical flavor ice cream,so I can see invisible things."
"Why would he want you to see invisible things," Raymond suddenly broke out of his awe and interrupted.
"Umm..I don't know.But he gave it to me.It was like white,like yogurt." (Dori wanted to say it was cream in colour)
"Was it good?"
" didn't really taste anything.But i eat it all anyway.Nothing happened so I walked to school."
"What about the lorry,the big ice cream truck?Where did it go?Did it went towards Crab Hill,because my father told me there was a big factory there."
"Umm..I don't think it went there.But the driver said he went to find old bikes.Yep,old bicycles."
"What for?!"
" know big trucks have tires in the middle,those are bicycles tire,that's why the tires dont touch the road,cause they will break if they do."
"Owh,I see.But Dori,why do they collect bicycles tires?Not trucks?"
"That's because when a bicycles punctured,and the people have to push the bicycles back home instead of riding them,the ice cream driver can help and give them the old spare bicycle tire.You see,trucks don't need spare tire.Have you seen a punctured truck?No?See."
"That is jolly good of that driver,"said Raymond,"he gave you ice cream and he help cyclist.I think my father once did tell when his bicycle had flat tire and OUCH!"

Raymond's story stopped immaturely,followed by Dori's exclamation as his ear was boxed too.
"I sent you to stand here,not to spun your bullocks,"barked Mr Hankins."Follow me,Theodore!You,go back into the class."

Unwillingly Dori followed Mr Hankins and through the corner of his eyes he saw Raymond went quickly into the classroom,relieved.

To be continued