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Bléumond 1.3

The third part of the 1st chapter

The third part of the 1st chapter.

Bléumond was calling after the handicraft man and was catching up to him, who was by that time taking a turn into a small path through the wood.
"Wait, pea...Wait seller. Sir! Wait, please," she called out, but his shade was already hard to see behind the bushes and the dense overhead canopy cast shadows as if veiling the man. Bléumond stood at the edge of the forest, hesitant of stepping into in. Although she had heard what the handicraft man said that it was all Joha's fabrication, she still could not forget the stories she heard. Image of monsters pouncing on her, made her wait for a few minutes on the path, pondering.
Finally she called one last time to the handicraftman, although she knew he would barely hear her, let alone respond.
"Why does he have to go in there?" she sighed to herself, before taking a deep breath.
Thus Bléumond ran on the path all the while shouting after the handicraft man.
A loud "Sir, wait up!" was heard repeatedly but soon diminished as well as her silhouette was no longer seen from the river.


In fact Bléumond ran for only a minute, a few hundred steps, but her imagination was playing trick on her that she felt it was a long run until she saw the back of the handicraft man. She was then so delighted, that she rushed to him.
"Sir! Sir!"
The man was startled and turned around. He was slightly puzzled, she could tell, but then spoke with irritation, "Didn’t I leave you at the bridge?"
"No, I followed you. Why didn't you stop when I called you? Where are we going?"
"Peasant," he said bluntly. He then turned and continued walking.
"Peasant?" she replied."I did not say peasant. I didn't...near the forest that is...and after the bridge. Where are we going?"
"You said pea, then you changed to sir."
"You did hear me! Why didn't you stop?"
After waiting awhile to no answer, Bleumond asked again,
" Where are we going...“ before adding "...sir?"

The man turned, amusement on his face.
"I see that you called me sir."
"Yes I did. Where are we going sir?" she repeated.
The man ignored her question but instead asked, “ Why are you following me?"
"Because...because I saw you did magic," she said "and I would like to learn...“
"Aha!" He clapped his hands, which startled Bléumond this time around."I knew you had some plan. I see that your courtesy was a manner you adopted. Quite interesting."
"Will you teach me then," she asked hopefully and had almost forgotten, before adding,“ sir"
"No," he said and walked away.

"Why not?" Bléumond asked.
"You have dropped sir."
"Why not sir?"
"Stop calling me sir. It is annoying. If you still want to continue with your pretense of demeanour, why don't you use something else. Master,or something to that extent. Instiur would be fine."
In truth, Bléumond doesn't know what pretense, demeanour or Instiur meant but the word master provoked her, " I am not your slave, to call you master!"
"I see. Don’t call me then."

Bléumond was silent for a while as the man began to continue walking.
"If I call you Instiur, would you teach me magic?"
"Argh!I despise you! You stupidd..peasant."
He turned around and said,“ I see that you are back to normal. Now. Go. Home."
"I don't know the way back."
A smile flickered across the man's face. He walked back towards the 10 years old child, closer to see her face. He finally squatted and peered into her eyes and asked,“ Are you scared, Maise Bleumond?"
"No I am not! I just don't know the way."
The man smiled again."It's just over there. Follow that path, keeping the sun to your left and you will reach the river. I am sure you can find your way after that. Owh, the sun has almost set. You must be quick and better go home now," he said condescendingly with a tad of amusement.

Bléumond hated the man at that moment but she realized that it was almost dark like he said. She looked at the road and looked back at the man, who was watching expectantly.
"Go on now."
Thus Bléumond decided to conquer her fear and maintained her pride, and walked home. Occasionally she would throw a few glances and see that the man was still sitting there, watching her go. She was starting to feel comfortable when she caught at the tail of her eyes that the man was gone, so she turned around quickly and ran back searching for the man. She searched frantically around but saw nothing. Instinctively she called out.
She didn't know why she could hear the fear in her voice.."Instu.." she was cut short as someone pull at her leg, so she automatically kicked away.
"Stop it! Lie down,"
To Bléumond's relief, the handicraft man was hiding below the bush, motioning her to hide too. But then she realize she acted coward for running back and hated herself for that, but she hated the man more for making fun of her. As they were lying on the earth, Bléumond wanted to hit the man but almost stopped when she saw his face, concentrating instead of lines of smiles. However she had already threw her punch, which was fortunately caught in mid-air.
"I don't have time for this. Be silent, let me listen," he said earnestly, facing Bléumond.
Quietly she nodded a reply. He stills her hand but she let it be, afraid to break his concentration. So they were side by side, as if they were daughter and father on a walk while holding hand, except they were lying on the ground.
It was uncomfortable on the hard ground and after long minutes passed, Bléumond was wondering how to tell the man, when he suddenly turned to her.
"I need to ask you questions," he said with a sense of urgency, in which she just nodded dutifully.
"Sit up. Now, did anyone follow you from the river? No. Then do you have any guardians?"
She was about to ask but he cut her,“ I mean, is anyone following you around, like a maid?"
"Yes," she said,“ but I left her at the market."
"Is there anyone else?" he continued asking,“ A man? No. Did your father had guardians? How many were they in your house whole?"
The man continued to bombard questions and Bléumond tried to answer them all. She was however getting tired and her eyes were sleepy that the man had to shake her from sleeping. She managed to answer a few more questions, telling that her relatives were on their way to Kyushu, before the drowsiness crept back.
She almost fell asleep, vaguely hearing the man's voice but as her eyes were about to close for good, she felt a sudden prick and pain. Looking into her hand, she discovered her middle finger covered with blood and in the man's hand was a stained knife.
And he thrust it into her hand."I want you to listen carefully. I want you to watch in my eyes, and when my eyelids almost close, stab the knife below my fingernail. Any fingers, does not matter but below the fingernail. Do you understand?"
The knife dropped from her hand and she stared at her wounded finger incredulously.
"Do you understand me?" he repeated.
She finally spoke," What did you do?"
"You..We were poisoned. A sleeping powder. Used for catching cubs. Mother tiger killed," he answered between nods,“ Not much time. Someone will come. You must wake me. Below the nails. Remember. Only when eyelids almost closed, not..."
The sounds that came from him now were mumbles, that she shook him.
"Wake up..Wake up. Can’t I just let you sleep? I can wait for you. I will wait for you, I promise I will. Instur!"
He opened his eyes wearily for the last time, slowly put the knife back into her hands and said,“ You are the cub."
Thus Instur fell asleep.

Bléumond tried to drive the knife but the child was scared to her wits and the knife was lying motionless in her hand. A sound started her, she turned and saw the brambles move. A person appeared and stood near a tree, his face in the shadow. He just stood watching the poor child staring frightened.
"Will he die?" she asked.
"Will you come?"
"Will he die?"
"Do you want him to live? Then come."

Wearyingly she followed with a heavy heart, thinking that maybe, maybe sometimes the mother cubs are spared.

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Bléumond 1.2

The second part of the 1st chapter

The second part of the 1st chapter

The crowd was closing upon Bléumond, causing her to be a bit apprehensive, that she began to notice the crowd for once. Their faces seemed uncertain and anxious, and they were looking and jostling at each other, until one of them, the butcher stepped reluctantly forward to speak to Bléumond. He was just about to speak when she rushed through the crowd, for the handicraft man was leaving the market with the seller. The crowd just looked at her and frowned at the butcher.
"Why didn't you tell her.."
Bléumond heard whispers and looked back at the crowd.
"What did you say?" she asked. The crowd fell silent.

Thus she turned her attention back at the handicraft man and the seller, who was already a distance away.
"Wait! Wait!" she called. She paced faster after them but she couldn't catch up with them. The seller was walking with his eyes fixed at front, while the handicraft man was looking back from time to time. Bléumond was sure he noticed her, as he then whispered to the seller, as if urging him to walk faster. They were sure to lose her, if not for they had taken a turn near a building, and Bléumond saw the seller face. He was the man who supplied vegetables to her house, and she knew her.
"Fallar! Wait. Wait Fallar!" she called. To her surprised he stopped.
It surprised her even more when Fallar turned, as his face was white and his eyes were hazy. Slowly colour returned to his face, starting from the chin up to all over his face. It was as if blood was drained from him, and now it was given back. Recognition came to him, "Maise Bléumond?"
Maise is a term of respect towards the daughters of landlords.
"Yes, didn’t you hear I called for you to wait?" she asked.
"I..I don't know.."
"Doesn't matter," she said."Where are you going? Wait!"
Bléumond was addressing the handicraft man when she noticed Fallar was already running back to the town. Bléumond pursued the handicraft man and said, "Wait seller. You have offended me yesterday. You owe me...Wait!" she commanded but the man just continued walking on. They were crossing the bridge when Bléumond put a hand on his robe. She said,“ Stop peasant."
And to her surprise, the man stopped.
He turned towards Blèumond with such a fierce glare, that she was shocked and retreated a few steps back. The anger was however quickly concealed as fast as it appeared, replaced by solemnest and politeness.
"Yes Maise Bléumond, how can I help you?" he asked with such courteousness and deferential, one cannot determine whether it was genuine respect or utter contempt. The man deferential attitude and actions left Bléumond befuddled, that she even blushed.
" the market..I.." she stuttered finding words, which failed completely when she looked into the man eyes.
"Now Maise, why don't you go quickly home, as people might be worried about you. Run along now," he said sending her off. Obediently she went away and was about to cross the bridge when someone from across the river shouted her name.
She looked up and saw it was Fallar.
She turned around and saw the handicraft man.
Suddenly she felt very angry.
"How dare you trick me! How dare you peasant!" she screamed at the handicraft man, who coolly stood ignoring her. Meanwhile Fallar and two other men were shouting for Bléumond to get away from the man, as they themselves were fast approaching him.
Finally the handicraft man spoke,“ Be still Bléumond and watch."
"How dare you call me by that. Maise! Call me Maise Bléu.."
"Hush," he replied, quieting her. He then took out a glove and wore on his right hand, before picking up a stick from the ground. With the stick in his right hand, the man drew a line from the end of the bridge, ending a few distances away from the river. He stabbed the stick into the earth. The result was a snake-like trail with its 'tail' at the bridge and the stick as its 'head'.
Bléumond who was watching intently was about to question the man, when Fallar arrived. With him were the butcher and the town elder, Joha. Bléumond promptly bowed towards Joha, in which the handicraft man irked a smile.
"I assume this is a man of importance that even the Maise greeted with respect. However I wonder, why does a revered man doing so far out of town. To what do I owe this visit?"
"Maise Bléumond, come here. This man is evil, you must not go near him," said Fallar.
"Come here Maise, I will protect you," said Joha. Thus Bléumond walked towards them. As she approached, the butcher spoke quietly to him, "Maise,the people wonders if we may stop giving you present today, instead of a week. That is if you agree."

Before she could answer, the handicraft man spoke.
"You wished to protect her, revered old man? Like you protect the village and say there is a demon, so that only you could go and pick the plants in the woods?"
Joha's face turned red.
"And you,“ addressing Fallar, "you who bought, or rather stole my crafts."
"I did not steal your 'things’," Fallar replied.
"They are my crafts, handworks. Not 'things’. It was your wife, but all the same, you should pay or give it back."
"I will not pay for nothing," said Fallar.
"They are NOT nothing," said the man angrily."And I would have taken the money my own way, if it were not for this child," he said addressing Bléumond.
"What did I do?" she asked perfunctorily.
"You called his name, you broke my spell."
Hearing this, Joha the elder jumped the gun."There you hear it. The man is really playing the devil. Stay close Maise, I will protect you."
Those words angered the man greatly."Swindler, liar," he said. He then pulled the stick out. With the end of the stick touching the line, the man swung the stick to the right and left. Additionally, the line he drew on the ground swung in accordance. So did the three men who were stepping on the drawn line.
Bléumond watched with astonished eyes at the sight but she was knocked to the side as the swinging became faster and wider. The three men meanwhile were screaming for help, for their feet appeared to be tied to the trail on the ground.

"Can you even protect yourself, old man? Can you?" said the man before throwing the stick into the river.
"Swim you swine."

The men were released from the spell, as soon as the stick lifted from the earth. However the force of the swing causes them to be thrown into the river and it took a while for them to get to the bank. Bléumond who was very fascinated with the display of magic, followed after the handicraft man. Joah's forebode her but it fell on deaf ears. Or perhaps not, for she turned and said towards the butcher, „Continue to give the offerings. If I am not to collect, my servant will, or you can send them to the House."

Thus Bléumond walked away, catching up to the mysterious handicraft man.

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Play/pause the song.It is a part of the story.

If You Want Me - Marketa Irglova

There was once a fisherman who fell in love with a young maiden,a belle named Glavius. She was so lovely that the young fisherman was willing to do anything for her.In her heart Glavius was glad of the fisherman's infatuation,for she also had feelings for him.Her words however portrayed the opposite.

"I have heard countless men uttering those meaningless words.How they love me and adore me."she said."What could be different of you?"
To this the fisherman didn't answer,instead he gave her a wreath of flowers,tied together into a shape of a crown with little buds as ornament."Here is a gift for you."
Glavius took the crown-like flowers congregation and was about to put them on her head,when an idea suddenly struck her.As if it was an accident,the wreath flew from her hands and went into the sea.
"Oh the wind is so strong.The flowers are already in the water.Oh well,there goes your gift."
"Don't worry Glavius,I'll get them for you."
"Be quick then," said Glavius haughtily,though she felt secretly happy upon the fisherman eagerness.

The fisherman ran towards the sea,but accidentally brushed against an old man who came out of the sea all of a sudden.The old man weakly fell back into the water,so the fisherman quickly helped him and apologized.
"I am so sorry dear old man.I did not see you,as you suddenly appear.Are you hurt?"
"Where are you hurrying to?" asked the old man instead.
"I want to bring back my love's wreath of flower.Are you hurt old man?For I am now in a hurry."
"Why hurry?"
"To bring back my love's wreath,I said," a trace of impatient in his voice.
"To bring wreath,or are you afraid of her wrath?"
"Old man.What are you trying to say?That I do this insincerely?If you are trying to insult me,I have no time for this" retorted the fisherman,before he turned and jumped into the water.He however did not heard the old man reply,"Such foolishness."Nor did he saw the old man sinking into the water,disappearing mysteriously.

A distance away,Glavius waited impatiently as her suitor halted by an old man.She was looking upon the horizon when she heard a scream.Turning her head,she saw the fisherman laying on the beach,screaming in agony,and on his legs were marked with jellyfish stings while his hands grasping the wreath to bits.

Medicines were sought after but the stings took its toll on the fisherman.It rendered him impaired by pain,unable to move,let alone to go continue fishing.Thus the neighbours took pity on him,giving him food.A beggar and a cripple he became.His spirit was lifted however every morning when Glavius would come visit him as early when the dew still hang and stay until the sun almost set.Feeling guilty,she took care of him and stripped herself of her pretentious nonchalant attitude towards the fisherman.
She returned the fisherman feeling and was almost all the time by his side,attending to the fisherman,so tentatively that she grew weak and fell ill.After having recovered from fever,her family forbade Glavius from visiting the fisherman,thus what is left of his life joy gone forever.
The fisherman lay in pain,in his body and heart.

"Would you like to be well again?" asked a voice one night.
The fisherman turned towards the voice and saw the old man he saw nine full moons before.
"You are the old man at the sea,"he recognized."But how could you help me?Countless healers had tried.All were futile,and I will slowly die of this.Please leave me alone."
"All I ask is of you to forget the foolishness you called love,and to follow me as your master.Would you like to be well again,I ask you," asked the old man again.
"Hah.Try all you like," sneered the fisherman.

To his astonishment,the old man put his hand on the stings marking,before the pain slowly receded and finally vanished.He was about to thank the old man when he comprehended that the jellyfish was the old man.
"You tricked me!You evil creature!You were the damned jellyfish that stung me," exclaimed the fisherman.
"You promised to follow me as your master," said the old man calmly.
"Silence!" shouted the fisherman as he stormed out of his house,running towards Glavius'.
The old man was left alone,silently watching the fisherman ran.
"You promised," said the old man to himself.A spell and a reminder to the fisherman.

Almost reaching Glavius' house,the pain in the fisherman's leg came back little by little but growing ominously terrible the closer he came to his heart's desire.Mustering all his strength he stood outside the house,he shouted,"Glavius!"
His voice was heard clearly,causing the whole household to come out and see.However see they could not,for the fisherman was almost transparent as water,truly invisible in the night.Glavius' family search for the source of voice but couldn't find it.Thinking that some brat was playing a trick,Glavius' family members lost interest and went back inside one by one,leaving Glavius staring at the empty space.
"Glavius.." said the fisherman,his voice now barely a whisper.
"It is you!Where are you?" said Glavius.
The fisherman was about to answer when the old man suddenly appeared,"Leave her,keep your promise,your pain gone and she will be safe."

"Where are you?!" Glavius asked urgently.
"Answer me please," she continued.
There was still no answer,even when Glavius repeatedly called the fisherman's name.
Slowly she doubted herself.
"Are you really here?"

Note:Play/replay the song again at this point.Story~song.
p.s. The song is as you can see is sung by a talented Tsechische(czech) artist.

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Bléumond 1.1

The first part of the 1st chapter

Near the city of Chandelion lived a landlord with his wife peacefully ruling a small town in the middle of Khoysu. After four years of marriage the landlord finally had a child, a daughter named Bléumond. A beautiful daughter she grew up to be under their love and guidance, that is until she reached the age of 10 years old. It was a stormy night and thunder clapped through the darkness as lightning tore through the sky. Bléumond was afraid of the sound, so she called for her mother but she received no reply. Thinking that her mother didn't hear her due to all the sounds, Bléumond went cowering back to sleep, crying believing that her mother didn't loved anymore. How wrong she was, as she woke up the next morning by the scream of the house servants. Bléumond ran to see what the racket was all about, only to be prevented from entering her mother's bedroom and his father's study room. It was soon however clear that her parents were killed the nights before by robbers and only by luck that they missed her room.

Thus Bléumond was orphaned at that day. The funeral was silently done and Bléumond continued to live alone under the care of the servants as her distant relatives were far away and were still on their way to pick her. On the first day, Bléumond sat alone and was in grief but she never cried, a thing she could not explain. So she sat all day long alone, except that is when she went to the market in the morning, for it was a custom for the peasants there that when a parent dies, the people at the market would give food to their children. Every morning for a week normally, the newly-orphaned would circle the market collecting offerings. Although Bléumond didn't exactly need the consoling gifts, it was a tradition she had to upkeep as the daughter of landlord, or so she was taught to think.

With a black scarf on her head, Bleumond dragged herself through the market, carrying a basket in her hand, while following behind her back was a donkey-cart. Fruits and vegetables, potatoes and many more were put into the cart by the town-people, while Bléumond collected flowers ahead of it. So she walked through the marketplace until she arrived to a little stall selling not the usuals but instead handicrafts put together from leaves and stones. hats more the seller was a man, a peculiarity in the market. Thus Bléumond stopped and peered at the seller while waiting for his offerings, in which she had to wait a little while, until that is she was impatient and could not wait anymore, she coughed.
The man turned around and faced Bléumond.
"Hello there. I’m sorry I was busy making a new piece," said the man pointing to a stone arranged to resemble a grazing goat."And what can I help you?"
"I'm the daughter of the landlord."Bléumond paused.
"Yes, I knew that. With your scarf and all. I’m sorry for your lost. My greatest condolence. However I was asking if you were interested in any of the pieces and would like to buy them."
"My parents had just died,“ she said and waited.
"Yes, I knew. My condolence. Now, would you like to buy anything?"
"But..I. You haven't given me anything."
"Must I? I’m afraid I won't give anything."Clearly his cordial voice was no impatient for a second, before he kept it back in check, „Would you like to buy anything, may I ask?"
Bléumond was lost of words and was about to move on when she spoke in such a calm manner, „It is the custom here when a parent dies, the seller in the market to help ease the burden."

Expecting to receive gifts from the man, Bléumond was disappointed as she turned and discovered the man preening at his handicraft obliviously. Then he said, „It is the custom here when a peasant dies. My condolence for you, but even as a stranger to this town, I know the custom and I will not give you any gifts."He added, "Now if you would move as the lovely madams behind you would like to buy my piece."

Bléumond was stunned thus continued walking as prompted, bringing with her the curious women observing the scene. After a full round through the market, Bléumond headed home. As if under a spell, only when she put her foot on the doorstep did Bléumond felt angry towards the man at the market. She felt a sudden surge of contempt that she began to utter comments and retorts she wanted to say before to the man, all in a single breath. She spoke so fast that the servants thought the young child had lost her mind to grief and began to console her. Bléumond finally settled outside on the lawn, scorning the man in her thoughts. All day long she was with her thoughts and thus she passed the night without thinking of her dead parents that day.

Prepared to confront the man, Bléumond went to the market the next day eagerly but to her disappointment the man was not to be seen. She went around the marketplace but only in vain. All the while however she noticed some of the other sellers also began to not give any gifts and some of them were whispering behind her back. Bléumond was intrigued and was about to command them to speak up when she noticed the handicraft man, arguing with another seller. Quickly Bléumond walked towards them but suddenly a crowd of people blocked her way.
"Excuse me peasants, let me through."
The crowd began to close upon her slowly as she muttered those words.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Missing Emon . . .

A story dedicated to Tahir,depicted in the story as tapir. ^^
If it doesn't make sense,don't feel left out.Nonsensical as it is.
Emon is by the way a character from Stray ii.

Emon the bear is missing!
Such a mystery.
Thus an investigator was hired to search for Emon's whereabout.
"I, detective Dodo,which can even find an extinct animal wouldn't have any trouble finding this Emon you fail to spot," said the cocksure Dodo.
"I assure you it is easy to spot her,but the problem is she have been missing!"
"Yes,she went missing for quite a time now.The house was empty and we couldn't simply find Emon anyway," said a second voice.

The Dodo detective and entourage therefore went to Emon's house to search for clue.What met them as they opened the door was a wreck as papers littered all over the floor and things were scattered about.Crumbs trail of the table,where a few pieces of bun and pastries left untouched.The 1st voice meanwhile picked one of the paper and exclaimed.
"Look at this!"
"What?"asked the second voice,"Let me see it.Oh,it's a receipt."
"Yes it is.10th of July!Now i remember.I know the answer to this mystery.It is clear to me now."
"What is it sis?" asked the 2nd voice.
"You'll find it soon enough.Dodo,stop eating that bun!Quick,follow me."

The trio then went out of the house,walked pass the Singing Cliff where the mermaids usually sing.
"No wonder the mermaids are quiet lately.It has to do with this mystery."
The others were perplexed but instead of explaining,the 1st voice quicken its pace.
Over the hills they hiked,through the bushes they walked.Quietly until the 1st voice spoke again,
"It's not far now."

True enough the bushes gave away and in front of them stood a building.
As if on cue,Emon suddenly stepped out of it with hands laden with purchases.The sisters quickly ran to Emon,hugging the perplexed bear.They broke into chatters,watched by the Detective Dodo who grew bored and later went to buy a Happy Meal.

"Why are you guys acting like this?" asked Emon."It's not like I went missing or something."
The 1st voice and 2nd voice looked at each other and smiled.
"Oh,it's nothing," said the voices.

Faraway in the background,a tapir could be heard selling his merchandises. "Key-chain,key-chain.Buy 1 get 1..."

The end

Monday, June 30, 2008

fly Ryan

Seriously,don't read this if you have something else to do.
Forewarned is forearmed.

A fly suddenly plunged into the pile of garbage,dispersing its flies friends away from the garbage can.The group of flies slowly returned to the pile,gathering around the fly that had just recently crashed by.Removing its head from the pile,Mas the fly burst into a shout.

Mas :Everyone,Ryan is caught by a monster!
Fly 1 : Oh no!What must we do?!
Fly 2 :We must do what we always do.We let the death fly by.
Fly 3 :But he might be still not dead.We must go and save him!Let's go.
Fly 4+n! :Let's go!

So the flies spoke in unison,agreed to save the fly caught by the monster.

Mas :Wait!We must have a plan.This is not simply a human,but it's his monster.A VACUUM MACHINE!
Mas :Yes.Even at our speed of 8 km/h,we wouldn't be able to beat this monster.It can suck all the air around it,and with the sound it creates,it will send fear to your spine.Or rather thorax.The mere sight of it would make my my basiscota weak and my wings beat haplessly,turning into fragile papers.I swear if you..
Fly 5 :Excuse me Mas but..
Mas :What?!Don't interrupt me when I'm storytelling.
Fly 5 :I'm sorry but I think we need to save Ryan.I already have a plan.
Mas :Fine.Let us hear the plan.
Fly 5 :Here is the design of the monster.It consist of three different parts.The first part is known as the engine.It is basically the part that supplies energy to this monster.The second part is the container,also known as..

So the flies listened.Or so it seems.

Mas :You there!Don't sleep.I saw you close one of your eyes.
Fly 10 :I was not!
Mas :Yes you were!
Fly 10 : Damn wrong I was not.Besides,I still have a lot of eyes left.
Mas : See.You just said you did it.
Fly 10 : No I didn't.Shut up maggot!
Mas : Look who's talking.I'm older than you,maggot.
Fly 10 : Older?1 second that is.
Fly 5 : Flies,please don't brew storm in a teacup.
Fly 1 : Did someone said something about food?
Fly 4+n! : Food!
Fly 2 : There's enough food here.Let us eat.
Fly 4+n! : Let's!

So the flies continued to eat in the garbage can as Ryan was stuck in the vacuum cleaner,trying to figure why it was so dark and dusty.

Fly 1 :Listen people.I can hear something.But I can't remember what it could be.
Fly 5 : I have a plan of it here,describing about the thing that make the noise but I can't remember what it is.
Fly 3 : Hmm.I think we must save something from this sound.
Mas : I think I've seen it before,but I can't remember it too.Look!My wings looks like an origami paper.Wow,cool!What can this sound be?

Fly 2 : Oh that.That is the VACUUM MACHINE you've all been talking about.
Fly 4+n!: VACUUM MACHINE.Yea!Let's!

And they were all sucked into the monster.
Ryan :Hi guys.What's up?

The end.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Snow White

As requested by Ibtisam.There are two version of these,but in the end it was decided that this one was to be published.

"Once upon a time a Queen gave birth to a baby girl in the middle of winter,a very fair child with skins as white as snow and lips red as blood.
The king was suffering from frostbite when the baby was born,thus decided to name his first newborn Snowbite.The Queen however didn't agree with the name and only called her daughter by the name Snow.That is until Snowbite was three years old when the Queen suddenly fell ill to an unknown disease.Lying on her deathbed,the Queen requested the King's favor.

"For my dying wish,I would like our daughter name to be changed to Snow White.Will you do that,love?"
"..." mumbled the king.
"Pardon?!I could not hear you."
"I will try."
"Thank you.That is better.Now I can rest in peace."

A man of superstition,the king abidingly changed her daughter's name and by Snow White was she known hence after.Growing up without a mother,Snow was lavished with attention and devoted love by the King, and she consequently grew up to be a spoiled little princess.One that whims have to be satisfied at no condition,only second to the King.Her pampered life however took a change one usual evening.

The King held a ball to celebrate Snow's 14th's birthday and invited all the nobles and aristocrats to the function.On this fateful occasion,the King happened to see a very beautiful young lady,a daughter to a lord,so stunning that the King instantly went gaga over her.A few days not long after the new Queen was announced to the people,thus Snow finally had a step-mother.With a beauty at his side,the King's attention to her daughter began to wane,little by little.What's more,the new Queen had such nice manners that the servants cannot help but to compare Snow White to her step-mother.Although Snow's command were followed to the dot,it was then done with such repugnant faces clearly implying their new adorement to the Queen and their dislike of the Princess antics.
Snow White was a pariahdom in her own kingdom.

Thus Snow White had less and less people to play with,that one day she went to the Queen's room out of boredom.Her stepmother however was not in the room,only her old dog was to be seen.It was rumored that the dog was her Majesty's pet since the Queen was a little girl,one that man could not doubt by a taking a glimpse on the dog.The elderly dog was the Queen's closest companion,so it was a natural reaction when the Queen was enraged when she came to her room and saw Snow White riding the dog like a horse,with its stomach on the floor and its front leg pulling its body helplessly.All the while Snow White shouted for the poor dog to move faster and faster," Giddy up!",when suddenly she felt a hot pang on her left cheek.
(Haha.The brat got slap!Oh wait,I'll change the tone back.)

Snow White was stunned being slapped that she rushed out of the room,down the stone steps and out of the castle where she cried.However it was not long before she reasoned the Queen was at fault,followed by Snow White scheming to get back on the Queen.
"It's not my fault.That dog really look like a horse.In fact,i think it's probably a horse,or maybe.Wait till I get to you,"she muttered to herself when she suddenly saw a cow.
"A cow!Wow!Wow a cow!"
Again she rode the cow like the dog but this time it ran very fast.She was having fun when suddenly she turn around and saw farmers running towards her that Snow White shouted,
"Faster,faster!You don' t want to be a sausage do you cow?"
But the cow instead slowed down and stopped.It fell and threw Snow White of its back,before lying on the ground motionless.

The farmers were simply furious so Snow White ran for her life.Shortly she arrived at an apple orchard,where she quickly hide up in an apple tree.The apples were ripe so Snow White plucked one and it was simply delicious(stolen food,simply so),that she finally ate a whole lot of them.Even long after the farmers were gone she didn't stop,not until her stomach ached so bad that she couldn't climbed down from the tree.In the end she fainted and fell safely(damn it!) from the tree.

Meanwhile the kind-hearted Queen was worried sick that she finally used her magic mirror.
"Mirror,mirror on the wall;
Where's the little naughty gal," said the Queen.(Fine!I changed it a bit).
As a conclusion the Queen found Snow White by my help and took her back to the palace.Afterwards Snow White seem more well-behaved and reserved.One would say she learned her lesson,that she was then a grown princess with perfect demeanor and fine character.
But NO!
When her father and step-mother went to live peacefully in the mountain,there she went making up a cock and bull story of her and the seven dwarfs.Every bit of it is a lie,even the little men.
Everything except one thing that is.
And how would I know all this?
Well I'm that one thing that is real from the 'original' Snow White story you have been corrupted with.

So who am I?
No.No prize for correct guesses."

Monday, June 2, 2008


It's in BM!Forgive me for all the stupid 'tatabahasa' mistake.And it isn't exactly a 'kerawang' either.
By the by,this is a parallel-story-to/ending-to a not yet written story.It wouldn't make any sense,but I'm afraid it would take too long until i write the whole story,so i wrote this part that I was afraid I was going to forget.

Tiga orang budak bertenggek di tepi kali,tapi seorang saja yang mengail.Naim yang paling kecil memegang kail,kail yang hampir sama tinggi dengannya,kemudian dia lontar umpan ke dalam air.

"Bosan la Naim," kata Amir.
"Agak a Naim.Aku dah lapar ni,"
"Ahh.Kau tak habis-habis makan Mat.Aku bosan bukan sebab tunggu ikan,tapi bosan asyik-asyik Naim yang lontar kail."
"Memang la.Dah aku punya kail," jawab Naim."Itu la,aku dah ckp jangan ikut.Aku dah agak nanti mesti kau bising."
"Aku tak kisah tunggu ikan,tapi bagi aku cuba lontar umpan pulak."

Naim menarik tali kailnya untuk meletak umpan baru,tanpa diendahnya ngomelan Amir.
"Weh.Buat tak dengar pulak.Kau jangan la berlagak sangat,kail rotan ja pon," Amir menambah.
"Kalau rotan saja pon,kenapa kau tak buat sendiri!?" Naim meninggi suara."Kau yang berlagak!"
"Ahh.Aku tak tahan dengan kau ni."Amir yang berbadan lebih besar mengambil kail Naim darinya,lalu di lontarnya mata kail ke air.Mat yang sebelum itu berbaring di atas tanah bangun dan melihat umpan itu pergi dan jatuh.Tepat di dalam rumpun pokok di tengah kali.

"Bodoh!Tengok apa kau dah buat!Mata kail tu dah sangkut.Baik kau pergi turun ambik."
Amir memalingkan badannya,melangkah meninggalkan dua orang budak itu.
"Bukan salah aku."

"Bodoh!" jerit Naim.
"Bukan salah aku" ulang Amir dari jauh.

Setelah di sumpahnya Amir,Naim cuba turun ke dalam kali.
"Mat,tolong aku kejap."
"Tak boleh la Naim.Mak aku suruh pergi kedai tadi," kata Mat sambil mengesat debu dari baju.
Naim mengeluh dan turun,diperhatikan Mat yang berdiri tetap di tepi tebing.Naim meredah perlahan-lahan,lumpur di dasar terkocak mengeruhkan air.Langsung tidak nampak kakinya,mahupun makhluk-makhluk di dalam air.Sedang Naim terpikirkan cerita tahyul dan tipu,terdengar dia suara dari tebing,lantas dia berpaling.
Mat masih berdiri dan menoleh serentak ke belakangnya.

Seorang lelaki kusut masai berdiri tegak.Badannya tegap tapi tidak terjaga,mukanya hitam dek berkeliaran di tengah hari tanpa keruan.Dia pun berkata,
"Tiada dapat ku kudap,namun apa kau mamah?
Biar di saring bagaimana,mana mungkin kita seiring langkah.
Patah buluh darahnya,baru disambung tali saudara"

"Okay la Naim.Aku balik dulu," cepat Mat melangkah menjauhi lelaki tersebut.Ikutkan hati,mahu saja Naim naik ikut tebing di hadapannya,tapi barangnya tertinggal di atas tebing di belakangnya,bersebelahan lelaki itu.Naim meredah balik,memanjat naik dan lelaki yang tadinya galak bersajak senyap sahaja.Melihatkan Naim susah untuk naik,lelaki tersebut menyuakan tangannya.Naim sambut pantas tapi cepat dia melepaskan tangannya dengan terkejut,hampir-hampir dia jatuh ke dalam kali.

"Mana jari kau?"terpacul soalan tersbut sebelum sempat Naim berfikir.
Lelaki itu merenung jari sendiri,kemudian perlahan-lahan riak muka dia berubah serius dan matanya kembali fokus.
"Aku hilang jari ni setahun dulu,tapi hari ini aku hilang lebih dari itu," jawab lelaki tersebut.Dilapnya muka sendiri,lelaki tersebut segera berjalan ke arah kampung."Aku pergi dulu."

"Kesian.."cakap Naim sendirian."Dah la gila,tak ada jari plak tu."

Naim tiba di rumah dan melihat emaknya tergesa-gesa bersiap.Ayahnya sudah lama siap dan pergi ke masjid.Namun selalu emaknya akan tinggal di rumah.Hanya kalau ada keramaian akan dia tinggalkan rumah,itupun di rangkainya Naim untuk ikut bersama.Lain pula hari ini.
"Naim.Nasi ada bawah tudung," emak Naim bercakap sambil bersiap.
"Tapi mak nak pergi mana?"
"Baca Yasin.Jangan lupa kunci rumah," pesan emaknya sambil menutup pintu.
"Baca sebab apa?" soal Naim,tapi soalannya itu tak terjawab,tidak sehingga dia teringatkan kata-kata lelaki gila tadi.

Monday, May 26, 2008


An alternate continuation of the story(i can't remember the title) where the hen found wheat grains and decided to make into a bread(cake in this story).The hen asked for help but the animals(cat,dog,pig,mice) refused,only wanted to 'help' the hen eat the bread in the end.The hen was then supposed to decline the 'help'.

So Hen said to them,
"All of you said that you were busy when i asked for your help but now you want a piece of my cake.Naturally i would not share it.Fortunately however the cake isn't fully completed, thus you all still have a chance to redeem yourselves.Find me the Frozen Strawberry for the topping,and half the cake is yours."

Thus they went on a journey to search for the Frozen Strawberry,a type of berry that only grew in the coldness of the mountain,thus earning its name.
Under the sun walked the 4 creatures with Dog in lead,Cat in tow followed by Pig and Mice at the end of the trail.However Mice was soon tired and could walked no more.
Cat offered a lift in his mouth,which met no approval.It was then decided Mice would sit in Dog's ear.Their journey then continued until they finally arrived at the top of the mountain.
"Look there,it's the berry," pointed Dog,followed closely by Cat and Pig.They were about to take the Frozen strawberry and went back when suddenly out of the ground came a net and swoop all of them up in a pile.
They were surprised to be caught hanging by a net when a man came out of the bush.
"Well,well.I've always heard these berries attract many kinds of animal but I never thought I would catch a dog,let alone with a cat and a pig," said the hunter.

The hunter then brought home the animals along with the Frozen Strawberry,which his wife was to cook the former and made jam out of the latter.While the hunter's wife was heating water in a pot for the jam, Pig was pacing to and fro in the cage they were kept.
"Cat,what should we?What should we do?I don't want to be a sausage.Oh Cat,we must get out of here,we simply must.I think I will slam this cage's door open.Wait,what am I saying?Pigs don't think!I'm slamming the door right now."
Cat tried to stop him when Mice woke up and jumped out of Dog's ear just in time to stop Pig.
"Wait!" said Mice,"I will go and get the keys."
So Mice skimped and searched for the key to the cage,running on the sills when the hunter's wife saw him.
"A mouse!In my house?"
she said before quickly swinging her knife at Mice.Mice avoided just in time,only to accidentally fall into the pot of water.

"Oh no.Cat!We must help Mice.We simply must!I'm breaking this door now," said Pig.Without waiting a reply,he ran.Bam! Pig slammed at the door but it didn't budged.He tried and tried but nothing happened.The hunter came as he heard the noise,so did her wife who was searching for the mouse.
"See what you did Pig,"said Cat, "Now just stay put and take a deep breath.And take your tongue in Dog."

The hunter and his wife approached the cage slowly and saw Dog closing his mouth while Pig was standing still, taking a deep breath.Pig however took a very deep one,too deep that he was soon expanding and pushing Cat and Dog to the side,filling the whole cage which slowly began to lift from the floor.They were soon floating watched by the hunter and his wife who was rather quite stunned,seeing the animals passing by their face,with Cat letting his tail down for the Mice to grab.They continued to float,pass the table where the Frozen Strawberry laid,through the window and out of the house.The wind was kind and they were blown to the farm where Pig finally let go of his breath.The cage fell and broke,spitting the animals as Hen came to them with her chicks behind.
"So I see you have redeemed yourselves.No,I don't want to hear your story Pig," said Hen."Your part of cake is in the barn.Now if you would excuse me,I have to brood."

So the 4 creatures gave the Frozen Strawberry and took their part of cake,eating happily together.And they lived contently and sated for a day after,except for Pig that is.

"Cat,do you think we can asked for a bit more from Hen?Only a bit,not much.Just enough for a bite or two."
"Shut up Pig."
"Alright then."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stray II

Dedicated to Afiq and Muaz.You can also read the other version of the story,Stray.
Anyhow,you can stop reading when you reach the happy ending.
Disclaimer:The story is fictional and has no reference to real life,especially the name of the 3 Bears.

There was once a boy who had a cat, one that was very playful and funny that it always make the boy happy.

One day, the boy went for a hike in the mountains with his cat in tow.As he passed a giant mulberry tree,the boy tripped over the tree roots and almost fell over the mountain.Upon seeing its master clinging for his life,the cat jumped and pushed his master away from the edge.The cat however, fell into the ravine.
The boy was very sad and burst into tears.Suddenly a man appeared beside the boy and asked,
"Why are you crying boy?"
"I've lost my cat,"said the boy before bursting into another loud wail.
"Now,now,don't be sad.You're cat is still alive,"
"Really?" The boy abruptly stopped crying.
"Actually he is now in the Land of the Bears and I'm afraid he won't be safe there for long.
"But,but it fell into the ravine.How could he,it,be in the Land of the Bears?"
"Your cat fell and landed in the Dark Forest and later was taken by one of the Bears.Now, it is no use of you asking me questions because I am afraid that your cat could be in danger in the hands of the Bears.Now,if you would go now,you could still save him.

The boy's sadness was replaced with bewilderment and incomprehension,trying to understand what the man was saying,while at the same time the man was slowly guiding the boy the edge of the cliff.
"Pardon me sir?!"
"If you want to save your cat,you must jump."
"But..but what happens when I fall?What should I..."
The boy left the sentence in mid-air,as he turned around and saw that the man had vanished.

The boy turned back and jumped.


He opened his eyes to find his whole body covered with white,sticky jelly.A pool of them actually and he was right in the middle.Slowly the boy waded the pool and climbed out of it when suddenly he heard a voice.
"Is anyone there?" said the voice.
The boy looked around and saw no one,no one that is except a snail.
"Is anyone there?I'm certain I heard someone.Oh how I wish I could simply see,"said the voice.
It was undoubtedly from the snail,so the boy introduced himself to the snail,in which the snail requested the boy's help.
"I'm afraid I'm in quite a hurry right now.I have to go find and save my cat," declined the boy.
"A cat eh?I heard one a few hours ago,and I could tell you the way to the Land of the Bear,if you would lead me to the nearest mulberry tree," bargained the snail.

The boy considered so he looked around and saw a mulberry tree just a few feet away,thus he agreed to help the snail.Not wasting any time,the boy picked up the snail and was about to take a step forward when a loud screeching scream came from the snail.The boy was so shocked that he let go of the snail immediately,letting it fall to the ground.

Only after a few seconds did the screaming subsided,and the snail spoke,
"Do not ever pull me off the ground again!I said you were to lead me,not to pick me up!Now,slowly walk to the tree and I will follow the sounds of your footsteps."
The boy then followed the snail's bidding but apparently the snail was so slow that even if the boy was to move on his stomach,he would still lead the snail by a mile.In the end it was already dark when the snail finally arrived at the mulberry tree,led by the boy who was waiting patiently.
"Now that I have helped you,will you tell me the way to the Land of the Bears."
The snail yawned and said,"Yes, yes.It is quite easy actually,or so I heard.You just follow the setting sun."
"But the sun has already set!" said the boy the snail.
However the snail was already asleep and only its snores were its reply.The boy was frustrated that he wanted to squashed the snail but stopped.He thus sighed and sat down leaning on the tree forlornly.
"Now i will never find my way to the Land of Bears in time."

Illustration of the snail done by Kiambang.


Suddenly a bug dropped on the boy's shoulder.It was a beetle with a lighted end,just like a firefly,which flashed repeatedly as it flew in front of the boy.
" I know the way to the Land of the Bears," said the bug with a happy voice.
"Really?Can you please tell me then?" asked the boy eagerly.
"Absolutely.Just follow me.By the way my name is Cheerio.I was just sleeping on the tree when i heard your voice,so I came down to see you.In fact it was not the first time.I still remember the first time,and that was when I was still a small beetle,barely changed my skin,still wet behind my pincers,that one day...."
Thus the boy walked through the Dark Forest in the night guided by Cheerio's light and chatters,taking strides after strides,forcing his exhausted body to go on.
" suddenly a bird came swooping down.Oh!We're almost there.Just watch out the slippery bank."
The boy was about to ask when suddenly he slipped and slided down the bank,into a flowing river,bobbing up and down,barely able to fight the current.
"They never listen," said Cheerio."Oh well,goodbye then!"


The boy was unconscious when Eman the Bear took the boy out of the river.Eman quickly brought the boy home and showed it to his son.
"Look Edin,I found you a doll.You can play it with your cat."
The boy was however still wet so Eman asked his wife Emon to dry it by the fireplace,but Emon being a clumsy bear,accidentally let the boy's shirt caught fire.The boy was then shot wide awake that he screamed out aloud,startling the 3 bears.
"He's alive!"said Emon.
"He's alive?"said Eman.
"What's alive?"asked Edin.
"My master!He's alive!" said the cat as it ran to its master.
The boy finally managed to put out his burning shirt,as he hugged his cat.Edin tried to take the cat back and pulled its by the tail.The poor cat screamed in agony as it was tugged in two directions when suddenly pop! The cat's tail snapped.

The boy quickly took the chance and ran away with his cat.The 3 Bears however was also quick in pursuit riding on their horses.Eeeeee sounded the horses as the Bears cornered the boy at the river.Running out of choices,the boy jumped into the river.However luck was on their side as that moment a tortoise came by and the boy and his cat landed directly on its back,all safe and dry.The Bears just watched from afar angrily,before returning back to their home.
The tortoise took them back to the boy's village,where they lived happily ever after,except sometimes when the cat felt sad having a short tail.

End of happy ending.

"Hey father,look here."
A body of a boy was lying on the rocks with its face downwards,or what's left of it, with blood splattered ,as if the boy had fallen from the sky face-flat.
"There's another one there.Only a cat though."
"The boy must have been pushed or something.I wonder what devilry is this."

The end

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A parody of the Rumpelstiltskin,as requested by Izzati(mon~mon).
Voice:One who wins writes history.

"Dear mister,can you spare me a coin?" the boy asked hopefully.
The man just took a glimpse at the boy before he went back on his way.The boy meanwhile continued begging,asking passersby a dime or so,intending to collect enough coins to buy him something to eat.Perhaps a loaf of bread,perhaps a ring of donuts. He had been on the street since past dawn,but all he could get by noon was 3 pieces of gold coins.It was not enough but he was too hungry.So he ran to the bakery,waited until the baker's wife was on the counter,before running in to buy a loaf of bread.Like any other day,the baker's wife would sell to the boy at a very cheap price.In fact she would have feed the boy gratis,if not for the boy reluctance,afraid to be accused of stealing.So the boy walked away with a loaf of bread everyday,donuts on exceptions.

However that day was different,as the baker was back to the shop early.He spotted the boy walking with a loaf of bread, quickly grabbed the boy by the collar,before shaking the boy roughly that the boy dropped the bread he was about to eat.
"Thief!How dare you put your dirty hands on my breads.Why i would like to feed you to the hounds,if not only for my good heart."
"But I bought them sir.Honest!"
"Oh now you are lying eh?How can you pay?With your lice?"
"No,honestly sir.I bought it.You can ask the the missus."
The baker called for his wife,who came out ascared.By that time a crowd has gathered to watch the boy interrogated.
"It's true.He paid for the bread," she said.
The baker stood dumbfounded,slowly letting the boy go.The crowd began to lose interest and disperse when the baker suddenly said,
"Bring me the money."
His wife showed him the money,before he shouted,
"Aha.You wicked urchin.You tricked my wife.This is not enough to buy a bread."The baker picked up the fallen bread,cut it into halves and gave it to the boy."I pity you,so you can half a half of it.Now go."The boy scurried quickly from the distrustful eyes of the crowd,people continued their work and the baker went back into the bakery before throwing the other half of bread away.

The boy was finally about to eat the bread when someone punched him in the face.A group of children stood in front of him and their leader spoke,
"You stupid.Now everyone hates orphans.All because of you.It would have been better if you stole the bread,instead of making an attraction of yourself."The leader walked to him and took the bread from the boy.
"You want to eat it?"
The boy nodded.
"Then you must do us a favor.Nego here said he saw someone near the bridge.Go asked if he is him."
"You don't mean it's the monster,is it?!No,no,please!I don't want to be eaten."
"Shut up!Do you want the bread or not?"


The boy peered over the bridge but he saw no one.He was about to disclose it to the other children when suddenly they shoved him over the bridge.A bush broke his fall , but the boy was paralyzed by fear when a figure started to move from under the bridge,approaching the boy. The group of children watching from above the bridge scampered away as they saw movement below.The boy was left alone,trembling with fear but the figure move as sudden as he appeared back into the shadows of the bridge.The boy was relieved and was about to ran away when his curiosity took the best of him.Slowly he approached the figure,until he saw that it was actually a man,a short man that is.Not more than four feet high.

"Are you..are you Rumpelstiltskin,mister?"the boy suddenly asked.
"So now all the people knows me by this name,is it?"
"Then you are Rumpelstiltskin,aren't you?"
"Sit down and silence your stomach with this sandwich."
The boy suddenly remembered he hadn't eaten all day,so he sat down under the bridge,munching on a sandwich while Rumpelstiltskin told a story.A story about himself.

It all began when a young king came along a road when he heard a cry and saw a baby in a basket lying on the side of the road.The king took the baby home and saved it from frozen to death.Although the baby was deformed,the king raised him well without any trace of disdain.The baby grew up and was named Rupert and only known as Rupert to the king.It was however an open secret that the servants called the boy Rumpelstiltskin behind his presence,as they were afraid that the king would punish them if his Highness was to overhear.Thus everyone would call him Rupert,even the king's newborn son, the prince.

The prince grew up under Rupert's tutelage and later when the king was on his deathbed,his highness asked that Rupert would advise the prince on his way to become a just and loving ruler.The sad Rupert held his promise and the new king reign wisely until one day the new king went for a ride.Then he came upon a road,the same road his father went down years before, and his highness met with a miller.The miller claimed that his daughter could spin gold out of hay,a highly unbelievable story.The new king was interested thus the miller's daughter was shut in a room full of hay and was asked to spun it into gold.Upon the miller's daughter saying that she did not knew how to spin gold,the new king replied,
"You must,or your father will pay."
Upon hearing this she expected the worst would fall upon her father that she began to cry in despair.Rupert who was observing from afar felt sorry for the girl that he begged the new king to let her go,but in vain.Rupert then decided to help the girl by throwing the hay away and replacing them with gold that he obtained from the Royal treasury.The girl was surprised as she woke up and saw the room was full of gold.Moreover the king was perplexed that he moved the miller's daughter into another room full of hay.Again Rupert pleaded for the girl release but also didn't succeed.Thus Rupert helped the girl once more by filling the room with golds.
The next day the king was still surprised,so the miller's daughter was moved to yet another room full of hay.This time however she said,
"If I were to spin all this hay into gold,would it be the last for me?Furthermore i beg Your Highness to grant me a wish."
"If you were to finish it,and that is only if,then I will release you and I will grant you any wish you desire," the king replied.

Alas the miller's daughter had conceived a plan and she knew that Rupert would help her as it would be his pleasure to finally see the girl released.As expected,the next day the room was full of gold and the girl was free to go.She however didn't went back home,not before asking the king to fulfill her wish.
She wished to be queen.
Rupert was all against it but the king agreed thus a grand wedding ensued.
Thus the miller's daughter became queen.

The new queen loved to hold balls and dances, and during these occasions the queen would somehow asked Rupert for favors such as mending the curtains in the Royal room or fixing the broken cellar door.It was soon clear to Rupert that the queen was irked by his presence that he stopped to attend any functions whatsoever.It was also clear that the servants had lose respect,or rather their fear,that they are seen sneering at Rupert even when he is in sight.The final blow came however when the queen had a baby.

The whole kingdom was overjoyed at the newborn baby and so was Rupert.As the baby boy aged three months old,Rupert one day walked into the baby's room to take a glimpse of the him.The baby was fair and comely that Rupert was impelled to take into his arm.Suddenly a scream almost made Rupert drop the baby.Thus Rupert turned around and saw the queen frightened face,who quickly snatched the baby from him.Shortly the king arrived.Before Rupert could say anything,the queen accused him of harming the child,one that he defiantly denied, but the king was not in his right mind,that he said,
"Silence!You ungrateful being.You Rumpelstiltskin."
Never was he disturbed called by that name but that day he felt dejected.So he went away and never to be seen again.


"But didn't you asked the miller's daughter's ring?" asked the boy.
"Actually no,I didn't.It isn't true," Rupert answered.
"Were you..uhm..going to eat the baby?"
"Haha.I'm sure the sandwich you ate taste better.Now that is enough story for you.You better go home now."
"If you don't mind, may I sleep here with you tonight?"

Rupert didn't reply so the boy laid beside him.It was not long before both of them were sound asleep.

Their sleep however was disturbed when a hand suddenly grabbed the boy.Rupert woke up but before he could get up he was knocked on the back.Sprawling on the earth,he looked around and saw a whole crowd of people gathered,an angry mob carrying torches and forks and one of them was holding the boy tightly.
A person from the mob spoke and it was no one else than the baker.
"You monster!You tried to steal the Queen's child and now you tried to steal one of our children?"
"No he didn't.He is a nice person.He didn't..."the boy was cut short.
"Shut up!Bring the child away!"said the baker."Now people,will we let this devil go away for his act?"
No replied the mob in unison.
"Then let us condemn him back to the hell he came from so none of our children would fall victim."
Fueled by their fear by the unknown and unfamiliarity,flamed by their insecurity, the mob began to persecute Rupert.He was kicked down as he tried to get up and when he couldn't get up anymore he was stepped on upon.

Rumpelstiltskin in his rage drove his right foot so far into the ground that it sank in up to his waist; then in a passion he seized the left foot with both hands and tore himself in two.
The End.

Illustration done by Amir Safwan Shuib

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've written this a while ago, but only after watching Oz last night that i decided to dig it up back and type it 'down'.By the by,this is not a request.

Once upon a time there was a boy who had a cat, a cat that was very playful and funny that it always make the boy happy.

One day, the boy went for a hike in the mountains with his cat in tow.As he passed a giant mulberry tree,the boy tripped over tree roots and almost fell over the mountain.Upon seeing its master in calamity,the cat jumped and pushed his master away from the edge.The cat however, fell into the ravine.

The boy was sad and cried on his way down the mountains.His tears and sobs were so loud that it woke up an old man who was sleeping under the mulberry tree.
"Why are you crying boy?"Asked the old man.

The boy was surprised,as he didn't notice the old man before.
"I am sad," he managed to answer between his sobs.
"Why are you sad then?"
"My cat fell over," he said pointing to the ravine.
The boy had actually stopped crying as he was perplexed by the appearance of the old man.His clothes changed from brown,the color of the bark, into black velvet, the color of the dark sky at night.
The color however reminded the boy of his cat,making him sad again.He was on the verge of crying when the man asked,

"Would you like to never feel sad again?"

The boy just nodded.Thus slowly the old man pull off the hat that he was wearing,a black pointy one,and put it on the boy's head.True to his words,the boy didn't feel sad anymore,so he started on his way home.

Along the way he met with Farmer Bauer.
"What happened to your cat,boy?"asked Farmer Bauer.
"It fell into the ravine,"said the boy.

Farmer Bauer felt sorry for the boy,so he invited the boy to tea,serving him the best cornbread and honey that the Farmer had.The boy ate silently,thanked the farmer impersonally and was soon on his way home.All the while the boy was sucking a barley mint,a present from the Farmer Bauer.

As the boy crossed the bridge,he met Lukas,the city jester.
"What happened to your cat,boy?" asked the Lukas.
"It fell into the ravine," said the boy.

Lukas pitied the boy so he presented his puppet show,the most famous in the city.The boy watched silently,thanked Lukas in return and was soon on his way home again.

Walking around the street corner,the boy passed Ian the cobbler.
"What happened to your cat,boy?" asked Ian.
"It fell into the ravine," said the boy.

Ian also felt sorry for the boy,that he decided to give the boy a new pair of shoes,one that was fit for a prince,with its tapered sides and silk lining.The boy wore them perfunctorily,thanked Ian the cobbler, and the boy was soon right on his way home.

Along the way the boy also met Shopkeeper Grouch,Carpenter Woody and Tailor Tim,who all felt sorry for the boy.Thus they all accordingly gave him a bags of the best licorice,a new and shiny wooden flute, and a magnificent coat.
The boy thanked all of them perfunctorily and continued on his journey home,steadily carrying all the presents and gifts.
The boy was apparently no longer sad,but he wasn't happy either.

As he arrived home,his mother asked,
"What happened to your cat,son?"
"It fell into the ravine," he replied.

So his mother gave him a new cat,to be exact still a kitten.The cat was with black spots,a very clumsy but adorable one,one that would to be to the liking of anyone that happen to fall eyes on it.The boy thanked his mother and later went for a walk with his new pet.

After a while they came upon the mulberry tree on the mountain when suddenly his pet clumsily and almost fell over.The boy bent over the edge to grab his cat.
The boy managed to save the cat but all of his presents and gifts fell over.His flute and shoes,coats and sweets,all fell over,followed lastly by the hat.The boy suddenly felt all the sadness came rushing back to him.
The boy sat there,feeling greatly sad upon losing his presents,devastatingly sad of losing his black cat, but the most sad of not being to be happy.

The End.

Illustration done by Amir Safwan Shuib

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dream on Beauty!

This is one of the alternate ending for the story Sleeping Aurora.Read the main story first,if you came to this by accident.

So the princess pondered everyday how to be with the man of her choice,that one day she decided to tell the Queen about the stable-boy.
The Queen was so appalled upon hearing the princess' story and strictly commanded her to behave properly and forget the stable-boy completely.The princess however couldn't bear it,thus she cried her heart out.

Suddenly a fairy godmother appeared and spoke,
"Why are you crying princess?"she asked.
"Oh godmother!Please help me.Oh! do help me," pleaded the princess.
"Dear princess.I've helped you before,but it's beyond me this time," replied the fairy.
And the princess cried hopelessly,mourning the days till her birthday.

The princess´ birthday finally arrived.
The whole castle inhabitants was full with excitement and anticipation as everyone was waiting for the engagement.Everyone except the princess,who walked heavy-heartedly down from her room,covering her face with a veil as it was the engagement tradition.Sadly and slowly she walked into the room when suddenly poof! Smoke filled the room and from the smoke rose the fairy godmother,before waving her wand and chanting.
"She will have beauty and courage,
wisdom and knowledge,
but most of all she she will be just and happy
to the end of her life."

The crowd cheered at the wish,toasting to the princess' health before suddenly smoke filled the room once more and so did another fairy appeared, a dark,ugly fairy this time.Enraged at being not invited to the betrothment,the dark fairy cursed everyone to their death.
"Die as you watch me,
for you all before ignored me."

However the fairy godmother intervened and the whole castle was instead put under a slumber sleep.One that was woken when a prince came into the castle and kissed the sleeping princess.The princess opened her eyes and to her delightful surprise,the prince was the stable-boy whom she fell in love with.The rest of castle woke up and the betrothment proceeded as planned.Not long after the princess was married and she live happily ever after.
Everyone of them.
Even the dark fairy.

"so it's me who always does the dirty work eh?"
"calm down sister.I promise you,the next time you can be the fairy godmother."
"fair enough i the by,what happened to the real prince?"
"oh he just left,seeing all the people sleeping"
"aha!anyway nice apparel you found for the horse-boy"
"it's stable-boy.and I thank you for the compliment"

The End

Wake up Beauty!

This is one of the alternate ending for the story Sleeping Aurora.Read the main story first,if you came to this by accident.

So the princess pondered everyday,mulling ways of how to be with the man of her choice.One day as she was sitting at the window, she heard a loud commotion in the castle hall.Later she discovered that a group of actors in caravans had arrived and is promoting their show.The princess was then struck by an idea,before conceiving a plan to fulfill her heart desire.

The princess´ birthday finally arrived.
There was such joy and excitement in the castle,as people were bustling about,perfecting the last minute details for the princess' birthday party and betrothment. The princess then descended from her room,covering her face with a veil as it was the tradition.As the betrothment commence and the Prince was to unveil the princess,when suddenly poof!Smoke filled the room and from the smoke rose fairies,three of them.Swaying their wands in unison,they chanted spells in chorus.
The first fairy wished, "She will have wisdom."
The second fairy wished, "She will have beauty."
The last fairy wished, " She will have wealth."

The last fairy then requested a toast to the princess.Everyone was spellbound by the fairies appearance, but as soon as they drank their toast another fairy appeared.A dark,ugly fairy.
"How dare you all didn't invite me to this.For this you shall all perish!And I will turn the princess into a maid," she said.
"No you shall not kill them.Instead they will sleep a long, undisturbed sleep,"the three fairies replied,but their voice was not heard as everyone in the hall had fell asleep.

The whole hall woke from their deep,slumber sleep a few hours later,puzzled and confused.Still the party proceeded and the princess was unveiled,revealing the princess' maid instead in her place.However no one said anything,remembering what the dark fairy had done.Thus the 'princess' was betrothed and a few months later was married.Years later the 'princess' became the Queen,helping the King to rule the land with wisdom,gaining wealth and never even to her late age did her beauty fade.

The real princess however had eloped with the stable-boy and lived a quiet, wonderful life.
They live happily ever after.
Everyone did.
Even the actors.
They became well known for their "Magical sleeping potion" and arrays of fancy fairy costume.

The End

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sleeping Aurora

An alternate story to Sleeping beauty with alternate ending,as requested by Azra Atiqka.

In a kingdom far away lived the Queen and King without a child, until one day the Queen bore a baby girl.On the same day another girl was born,a child to the Royal cook. Both children grew up separately but at the age of seven,the cook's daughter was made personal maid for the princess, and later they became good friends. Years pass by as they grew up beautifully and appeared frighteningly similar to each other day by day,up until the point the Royal subject could never tell them apart except for their garments. Everyone noticed the resemblances,though no one ever said it aloud.

The princess would sometimes take advantage of this,such that she would persuade her maid to take her place for lessons.The maid would always decline,fearing for her life.The princess however was a very persuasive and stubborn girl and would always get her way.In the end the maid would sit trembling,bearing herself to sit through the etiquette and various lessons, all the while wishing no one would discover the princess' stratagem.Meanwhile the princess would take a stroll,sometimes outside the castle,but mostly in the park.

Thus it happened in one of her amble,she heard a very beautiful voice singing in the park.As she came around the bush, she saw the owner of the mesmerizing voice,a boy,who was tugging along a gentle old horse.
"Who are you?" asked the princess.
Quite surprised at the sight of a pretty young lady,the boy took a few seconds before replying.
"I am the stable-boy.And may i ask who are you?"he asked in reply.

Instead of answering,the princess however turned around and ran in the direction of the castle,leaving the stable-boy perplexed and wondering to himself.
As soon as the lessons were finished,the princess quickly relate to her friend,the maid, about her meeting with the stable-boy.It was then decided that the maid was to convey the princess' message to the stable-boy.The boy received the message gladly,pleased that he was to meet her again.Date was set and rendezvous took place.Then it was not long before the princess and the stable-boy fell in love with each other.

However it was also not long before the princess' 17th birthday,in which she was to be betrothed to a prince from a neighboring kingdom.This prospect was not so enlightening to her as before, as she had fallen for someone else.

The story now diverges into two endings.Choose any ending you may.
the first ending-Wake up Beauty!
the second ending-Dream on Beauty!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


a story about a unicorn,requested(in a way) by asma'.

in Chipwood Forest once lived a young,white unicorn,
young he was,but white was not his horn,
it was neither black nor grey,as it's colourless.
thus others would not see it a unicorn,rather a horse.

one day Fonté walked through the wood,
as he was hungry,searching for food,
when suddenly he heard a voice,
one he couldn't find the source,
not until he looked down,that is,
that he saw two little bunnies.

"hey there you white horse,
move away you smashed our house."
the bunnies were clearly angry,
for Fonté had stepped on their burrow's entrance,
something Fonté haven't done intentionally,
but hearing called a horse,he replied in an instance.

"how dare you!
can't you see i'm a unicorn,
you stupid obnoxious vermin,

by the by,
it's not my fault i stepped over it,
you should have made it elsewhere,stupid!"

"hey, hey stop calling names,
since its not us to blame,
we didn't notice your horn,
as it looks rather pale,
otherwise i'd call u unicorn,
so now would you move away?"
said the first hare.

"i'd gladly move quietly,if u noticed that before,
but i guess little vermin don't know more."

the unicorn move away he did,
but not before stamping its feet,
oh how the shocked the bunnies were,
so mad,they can't take anymore,

they were furious and angry,
that they bite the unicorn's legs and knee,
Fonté howled and screamed in agony
and he tried to step on the bunny

hopping and jumping,
bunnies and unicorn both,
but the bunnies escaped to their holes running,
leaving the unicorn foaming mouth with froth.

but Fonté can't accept defeat,
upon the burrow he kept stead,
thinking of ways to avenge;
but wait as he would,
till he not anymore could,
still he cant avenge.

thus Fonté left.

only then the bunny came out,
to think it was safe all about,
to realize their hole blocked,
with something of a smuck

poop Fonté left.

three days later
Fonté went through the wood,
again hungry for food,
absolutely forgetting what he'd done,
that is until he heard a voice from behind.

"so this is the unicorn,is it?
or rather a horse,better it fits.
i wonder why u mashed their place,
those nice little hare,
i agree,ur really a disgrace,
unicorns,horses and all mare"
said a tortoise,
disapproval on his face.

vain was Fonté thus scorched was his pride,
fuming with madness,crushing the tortoise with all his might,
in his anger and incense he forgot,
that tortoise shell's hard as rock.
instead of the tortoise,
Fonté was in anguish,

at sight of such,
the tortoise began to laugh,
angered Fonté more and much,
that Fontè aim for the tortoise mouth.

alas the tortoise withdrew,
just by an inch Fonté's foot flew.
laughing harder the tortoise at Fonté,
thinking he's safe,all tucked away.

however it was short-lived,
as Fonté kicked and kicked,
unintentionally sending the tortoise spinning,
upside down with its belly showing,

the tortoise flail its feet in the air,
but Fonté feet was flailing too,
and CRUSH!
past the tortoise it went through.

Fonté sat and stared at the still tortoise
one that he had incised,
for a moment he was stupefied,
but shortly he brushed it aside.

"its not my fault he died,
if only it hadn't insulted me like it had,
undoubtedly i won't run amuck,
oh well,it's just his luck."
with that Fonté walked away,
searching food for the day.

walking with a full stomach home,
happy no more hungry,he slowly roamed,
when a cat jumped out of nowhere suddenly,
surprising Fonté,before cursing vehemently.

"foul horse,"it hissed,
enough for Fonté to be piqued,
so he chased the cat amuck,
but before he knew,in a moor he was stuck,
for the cat was baiting Fonté into a quick-sand,
something the cat was planning beforehand.

"vile unicorn,u've gone so far,
u killer!ur race u've marred,
see how u wud feel now then,
to be helpless,waiting for ur end.

so the cat sat upon a stump,
waiting and watching Fonté sink,slump,
just as only Fontè head was above,
that the cat began again to move.

"i'll leave now worthless creature,
leaving u to ur death,it's near.
i wonder though y ur so heartless,
maybe thats why ur horn colourless."

the cat was leaving,
when he heard Fonté's word ringed.

"come closer and u can see,
there's colour in my horn,come and see"

without a thought the cat approached the unicorn,
squinting its eyes,peering at the horn,
before suddenly!
Fonté swinged his head swiftly,
piercing through the cat's body,
limp and lifeless,killing it instantly.

"haha.u gullible fool,
there's no color in my horn,no!
oh u r such a fool.
oh such a death fits u,oh i do think so."

in that Fonté was mistaken,
as he slowly sinked to his end of existence,
for his horn was colourless no more,
as it is red,blood red as Fonté dies in the moor.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Purple Flippers

There was once a turtle who couldn't find his flippers.(Oh yes,turtles can pluck theirs flippers out,leaving their short,knob-like stubby hands).So Penyu had lost his flippers and without them he neither can swim properly,nor can he play with his friends.Moreover he can't go to the Seadium,for there was a great Sea-game that day,a big match between the Sharks and the Jaws.

However Penyu still couldn't find his flippers,so he asked for his friend's help,Cloowney the clownfish.
"Cloowney,have you seen my flippers?"
"What flippers?oh,those flippers.You always leave them everywhere.Now you've lost it,again"
"Can you please help me find them then?The game' s about to start."
So they searched for Penyu's flippers,among the corals,through the anemone,in the sands and even in the oyster clam,everywhere,in vain.Thus at the end they decided to seek Penyu's uncle's help, Old-turtle Jim.

Fortunately Old-turtle Jim had a few pairs of old flippers,so Penyu tried them one pair after the other,until at last a purple pair fit him like a glove(or rather like flippers).
Though he was embarrassed to be seen wearing an odd-looking pair of flippers,Penyu had no other choice,but to swim with them to the Seadium.As they were leaving,Old-turtle Jim said,
"I can't really recall about those flippers.I actually don't think they're mine.Just bring them back right after the game."
With those words they left Old-turtle Jim's and arrived at Seadium just in the nick of time.It was a spectacular sight as thousands and thousands of sea creatures and cretins gathered to watch the game.It was a sight indeed as fans shouted and applauded to their favourite team.

Unbeknownst to the the spectators,there was a Leviathan sleeping in a nearby underwater cave.However, asleep he was no more,woken by the commotion and racket caused from all the cheering and jeering.Oh my, a leviathan is not a friendly creature,not even in its best mood,let alone when it's disturbed from its sleep!

Thus the Leviathan marched to the Seadium,stamping its feet along the way,crushing stalls selling hotblobs and bloopcorn(for they bloop! instead of pop!), and also creatures that weren't fast enough to get out of Leviathan's way.

Penyu was about to be smashed too, until at the last moments he flapped his flippers very hard,that the Leviathan missed him just by a scale.Unfortunately Penyu had flapped so hard that one of his flippers came of , and however hard he tried he couldn't put it back again.Penyu was then so frustrated that he threw the purple flipper.Amidst the calamity and chaos,among the fishes swimming and scampering,Penyu's flipper magically hit the Leviathan's head,before returning back to Penyu.

So Penyu threw it again,hitting Leviathan's head before returning to him just as before.Penyu then threw both of his flippers,which both came back to him.

The frightened creatures that were swimming for their lives suddenly stopped and stared at Penyu.It was not long before every creature threw things at the Leviathan.Crabs threw their claws,sharks threw their teeth(for sharks grow new teeth),prawns threw their skins and the last and most of them were the turtles who threw their flippers.Naturally only the flippers came back like a boomerang.There was so many flippers hitting his head en masse~poking his eyes,prodding his nose~that Leviathan could not stand anymore and finally was forced to run away,never to be seen again.

That day Penyu was hailed as the hero,a story about how the purple flippers saved the day.

The end

Old-turtle Jim

Penyu as a laughing stock

Illustrations done by Amir Safwan Shuib

Monday, April 7, 2008


amir safwan shuib might remember this story,a (nonsensical?) parody of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood.

Once upon a time,there was a boy who wore a red hood.thus he was called a Red Riding day Red Riding Hood went to visit his friends who lives in the forest.along his way,he met a she-wolf who disguised as an old woman.

"little boy,where are you going," she asked.
"i'm going to my friends house,old woman,for they are giving a party."
"what are you carrying there?"asked the old woman as she pointed to a parcel he was holding.
"oh, this.this is an album,with my picture inside.

the she-wolf bid thank you and went away.she knew a short-cut to Red Riding Hood's friend's house,so she was there in a jiffy.then she ate everyone at the party,before dressing up as an old woman.patiently she waited for Red Riding Hood.

"hello,is there anyone home?"called Red Riding Hood.
"come in Red Riding Hood," replied the she-wolf.

Red Riding Hood went into the house and looked was exactly the same situation as his sister,the old Red Riding Hood,that he noticed instantly that his friends were eaten.

"so hungry wolf,i suppose now you want to eat me,"said Red Riding Hood.

to this the she-wolf replied,
"no, my dear.i just wanted to see your pictures."
"what?!my pictures!.you have eaten all of my friends but you want to left me untouched.yet you want to see my pictures.i am all sister is so absorbed with her fairy friends were eaten.boohoohoo.please eat me too,"Red Riding Hood said as he started to cry.

"there,there.please don't cry.i can be your friend."
"i don't want you to be my friend.i want you to eat me,"Red Riding Hood cries turned into wails and howls.
"please don't cry Red Riding Hood.let us both look at your pictures."

Red Riding Hood cries turned into sniffs.they both looked at his album.after they were finished,Red Riding Hood went home,rather quite cheered fact the next day he came back and played with the she-wolf.he started to like the she-wolf.
the she-wolf however was starting to get hungry day she said,
"Red Riding Hood,i cannot be your friend anymore.i want to eat you.please run away."

Red Riding Hood was confused by the change.women are complicated,he thought.however Red Riding Hood didn't ran.he protested.a nearby hunter heard them and thought Red Riding Hood was in danger so he took aim and shot.


unfortunately the hunter can't aim very well and had missed.instead the bullet hit Red Riding Hood on the leg.the hunter tried to shoot,and again he missed.(what a stupid hunter.better if he goes back to the village and becomes a farmer,planting corns used to make flour.)
anyway the second bullet hit a lantern,causing it to fall and broke.soon the house was on fire.
the hunter was then forced to retreat.Red Riding Hood couldn't move,but the she-wolf couldn't simply left him behind.thus in the end there were both trapped in the house.

the hunter?
he ran away.the last anyone saw him was when he was buying corns' seed.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The potelé monster

this story was requested by Izzati(mon~mon),written with two alternate endings;
a happy and a sad one.

Garcon and his grandmother live in a humble abode on the outskirt of Persepia, a town on the north of Mount Esig.His grandmother was old,so Garcon had to worked at a young age for the landlord,a man named Master Slardar.
everyday he would take a piece of bread and start his walk to work with his grandma goodbye.
he would eat half the bread along the way and the other half at midday,but he was always hungry as his job was hard,carrying bales of hay from the storehouse.
certainly not a light task.
and the fee withal was meager-Master Slardar was a very stingy man-that when Garcon spend the daily wages to buy sundry along the way home,there was hardly any gold left.
he would reach his home tired,but he would conceal his lethargic face as his grandma was always sitting by the window,knitting,ready to greet him the moment he arrived.

"Garcon,my grandson.come here and see what i knit for you," she would always say.
even with her trembling hands,she would knit pairs of them;
one sold at the marketplace every weekend,the other she kept for Garcon.

and they lived their lives day by day.
until one day,
a Pyrocannon arrived from the city.
the cannon was a grim sign,for it was associated with the monster who live on the Mounts of Esig.
this monster had terrorized the land,hunting the villagers before eating a few of them alive.
so the wizard were called to council and thus they came with a plan to appease the monster by sending a child every 3 months.the question however arose :who should be sacrificed?
conclusively the Pyrocannon was created,one that will fire a Pyro-mark into the sky,and the house that it fell on to,have to give their child as sacrifice.

and that day,
it fell on Master Slardar's house,who had a young boy at the age of eight.
the mother was hysterical as she received the ill news.furore proceeded and the house was in chaos.everyone was grieving,waiting agitatedly for the Pyro-army to take young Master Jabar away to be sacrificed.

then an idea struck Master Slardar.
he took the Pyro-mark and called for Garcon.
hastily he asked Garcon to replace his son's place.
something one would insanely accept.
Garcon was to reject the deal,
when he saw the boy's mother running towards him,tears running over her face.
she plead and beg beseechingly,until Garcon cannot refuse no more.
thus when the Pyro-army came and asked,he answered,
" was to me the Pyro-mark fell to."

Garcon was given the chance to pack his things before going up Mount Esig.
as he arrived home,his grandma was surprised,
"you are back early today,Garcon.was there a problem?"
"I'm just back to take a few things grandma.i'll be going back now."
"did something happened?"she persisted.
but he kept quiet.
"will u be back this evening?"she continued.
to this,Granco kissed his grandma's cheek and answered,


"i wont grandma,i got the Pyro-mark.
but i promise u i'll be back,"
he looked into his grandma´s eyes before saying goodbye.

"i will,"he said.
he smiled and looked into his grandma´s eyes before saying goodbye.
a fake smile and the last goodbye.

the story ending differs accordingly to the dialog u choose.
u came this far,so do pick one!click any of the above dialog.
i recommend u to read the 1st link,even if u wish to read both ending.