Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beep Beep! The Ice cream truck

Since I am so lazy,I'm still procrastinating(is it spelled right) to write Bléumond.
So here's a light piece.

"You're late to school!Quick now Dori," said Mrs Smith.Ushering his son out of the house,she gave him the lunch pack."Don't forget this Dori and come back home directly after school."
"Ok mom."

Theodore is 8 years old.Yes,his name is Theodore and only his mother called her Dori.At least until one day she picked him up after school due to an emergency,that she forgot and called him Dori in front of his class.Case close.Thus he was known all through his 1st grade as Dori.Dori!What a peculiar name,teachers used to ask.
But that was last year,almost at the end of the year.So last night before he went to sleep,Dori hoped people would forget the incident and called him Theodore,but right then he wished fervently he wasn't too late for the bus.The first period was Mr Hankins, and you wouldn't like to make him mad,as he would be all red and puffy.People said if water is poured on his angry face,it could steam a bun!
Of course not one of the pupil knew if it was true,as clearly no one ever tried.
Focusing the story back to Dori,who was rushing to the bus stand,fervently hoping it was still there.
Dori had missed the bus.


Mr Hankins was signing his big ominous Teacher's book,with big curly letters spelling his name on it,when Dori arrived at the door.The class was silent and only the scribbling handwriting of the students were heard,which stopped when the class began to notice Dori's arrival.Noticing the peculiar silent,Mr Hankins looked up and was stumped.He was so shocked that he forgot to be angry."Why are you late?" he asked monotonously.
"Well,I missed the bus and then there was this big ice cream truck that stopped in front of me and asked if I wanted a ride,but I said no because mother teached(taught?) me so.And the driver said,would I like some ice cream.And I said yes,and he asked what flavour.And then he whispered to me there is a magic flavor ice cream,that if you eat you can see invisible things.So I said ok and ..then.." Dori slowly stopped when he realized Mr Hankins was quite and sure enough when Dori looked at his teacher's face,it was deep red and puffy,like a steam engine train stopped head on by Superman.
Mr Hankins was quite for a while,quietly before barking at Dori,"You came 1 hour late,all haggard and dirty and I expected a logical explanation and you spin all this bullocks!"
He took a deep breath before continuing,"Now go stand outside,I will bring you to the headmaster,PERSONALLY."
Once Mr Hankins brought a bully PERSONALLY to head's office and through unknown contraption and plans,the boy was transformed and by the end of the year was the head prefect.
Dori gulped hearing that,turned and slowly walked to the door.
"Wait!" Mr Hankins suddenly barked.Dori's heart beat wildly.Maybe Mr Hankins is not mad anymore,maybe he knew I was telling the truth and he wanted to hear my story again,thought Dori.
"What is your name?Full name," asked Mr Hankins.
Dori turned and answered,"Theodore Smith."Now can I sit? he asked in his mind.
"Smith..Samuel..Skyparsky..Here.Smith,Theodore," mumbled Mr Hankins to himself,before addressing Dori, "Now go stand outside."

To Dori's surprise,there was already another pupil standing outside.Raymond also camea bit late (about three minutes) that day,so he had been standing there for about an hour by that time.
"How big is the ice cream lorry?" Raymond whispered.Dori took a while to answer,so he said," You didn't see any ice cream lorry,did you?"
"Yes I did!"
"Shh..He can hear you.Don't talk so loud,or he will come and tell us to stand away."
"Ok ok..But I did see a lorry ice cream!It was so big,it was like a contena.It had lots of wheels and very long,with boxes with different types of flavors,in the back."
Raymond was in awe,but managed to ask,"How come you know there are.You said your mother said don't take rides with stranger."
"The driver told me.Besides,they were painted on the side of the back.Chocolates,vanillas,strawberries, and lots more.It even had those yucky yam flavour and others that I don't know."Seeing Raymond drooling,Dori continued,"But I was in a hurry,so I didn't have the time to taste,and then the driver asked why I was in a hurry.After I explained,he gave me the magical flavor ice cream,so I can see invisible things."
"Why would he want you to see invisible things," Raymond suddenly broke out of his awe and interrupted.
"Umm..I don't know.But he gave it to me.It was like white,like yogurt." (Dori wanted to say it was cream in colour)
"Was it good?"
" didn't really taste anything.But i eat it all anyway.Nothing happened so I walked to school."
"What about the lorry,the big ice cream truck?Where did it go?Did it went towards Crab Hill,because my father told me there was a big factory there."
"Umm..I don't think it went there.But the driver said he went to find old bikes.Yep,old bicycles."
"What for?!"
" know big trucks have tires in the middle,those are bicycles tire,that's why the tires dont touch the road,cause they will break if they do."
"Owh,I see.But Dori,why do they collect bicycles tires?Not trucks?"
"That's because when a bicycles punctured,and the people have to push the bicycles back home instead of riding them,the ice cream driver can help and give them the old spare bicycle tire.You see,trucks don't need spare tire.Have you seen a punctured truck?No?See."
"That is jolly good of that driver,"said Raymond,"he gave you ice cream and he help cyclist.I think my father once did tell when his bicycle had flat tire and OUCH!"

Raymond's story stopped immaturely,followed by Dori's exclamation as his ear was boxed too.
"I sent you to stand here,not to spun your bullocks,"barked Mr Hankins."Follow me,Theodore!You,go back into the class."

Unwillingly Dori followed Mr Hankins and through the corner of his eyes he saw Raymond went quickly into the classroom,relieved.

To be continued

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