Saturday, March 6, 2010

- -

Wipe these dreams, they are not my own
My eyes burn, burn as they run dry
They say tears can drown your thoughts
They forgot the heart lies in sea of thoughts

Snow White, this is a mirth
Yellow won't break my courtesy
Words won't scath my
It's the gaze that drove doves in droves

Over the sea,they say a sea monster lies
Who can say it's the truths or a lie
But if in a lake the sea monster lives
It's a lake monster it be, if it exist

I scry the wind, but winds ran from me
I blew the ray, but it broke in half on the way
I drank it, the smell of history
He told of it, a fable and a gist

Why, why the words don't always rhyme
The thoughts never stand
The phrase never blends
The ends never ends

Why, why the dreams are chased
The fears they come near
troubles then appear
Tragedy runs forever

In this deafening light
The shadows began to talk
It is such a frigtening sight
When thoughts began to walk

First they linger and sniff the
"what have I done?!" said he
From the past the will they muster
To answer the rough riff from thee

*copied and pasted from my ipod. don't know what I was thinking at that time and don't want to know why. must be psychotic on that day. truth be told, it's scary reading this and knowing I wrote it*
Imagination overload

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