Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Judicious Judy

There was once a girl named Judy,
Who one day went off on a journey.

She met a frog
which instead of a long tongue,
could breath fire to flies;
instead of eating flies wet and juicy,
it boasted eating them fried and crispy.

Other frogs were green with jealousy,
but the fire began to grew;
the flames left the skin dry and waterless,
stopped the breath, left it lifeless.

Thus the girl named Judy,
continued on her little journey.

Deep into the sea she then went,
into a school of octopodes;
where one got a cold and sneeze,
and flew out of the water unto a beach.

Wrapped by a tentacle was Judy,
who finally end her journey.

"What did you see? Where did you go?"
asked the esteemed adult,
but when told of the fire frog and the sneezing octopus,
their heads were shook, said it was nonsense and bogus.

They smiled in disdain.
For how can such weirdness exists,
such absurd notions;
they had need not travel, they gloated,
to claim such creature never existed.

Thus the girl named Judy,
in silence went off again on a journey.


octopode's meaning

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