Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unsought is Never Heeded

This is the resaying, of mine before
of a few words of advice, nothing more.

"how am I to grasp her shadow,
if she is the torch itself?
how am I to stay from the light,
when the dark scares me from the depth?"

O friend, o ye fool,
hope's a betrayal!
she can tread the grass, she can escape unscathed,
for in her hands, she hold the scythe.
but you, you stumble the plain,
even at her sight you shield your eyes.

"let me be," he said.
his heart is set and made.
his hopes falcons him into the heavens,
my best wishes are sadly only pigeons.

even if the wide berth recedes, the deep chasm remains,
and even if your imagination succeeds, reality's a pain.

I would appreciate suggestions for a better/alternative title.

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