Monday, April 14, 2014

Neighbours in KL

I stepped out of the house this morning and saw my next door neighbour already waiting in front of the lift. 
We got into an already occupied lift and got out at the same basement level. 

I walked slightly behind her towards my parking, which was also adjacent to hers, when she suddenly turned around and said,"You kerja MRT jugak ke?"

Er, wait a second. That question sounds weird so why don't we hear that one more time. I replied, "Apadia?"

She repeated the question. Okay I didn't hear it wrong. 
I hesistantly said yes. 

"Rasa macam MRT jugak. Tapi tak pasti. You department offset kan?" she added. 

It took me one full second to realize that she works for the same company. 

And stays exactly next door. 

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