Monday, June 30, 2008

fly Ryan

Seriously,don't read this if you have something else to do.
Forewarned is forearmed.

A fly suddenly plunged into the pile of garbage,dispersing its flies friends away from the garbage can.The group of flies slowly returned to the pile,gathering around the fly that had just recently crashed by.Removing its head from the pile,Mas the fly burst into a shout.

Mas :Everyone,Ryan is caught by a monster!
Fly 1 : Oh no!What must we do?!
Fly 2 :We must do what we always do.We let the death fly by.
Fly 3 :But he might be still not dead.We must go and save him!Let's go.
Fly 4+n! :Let's go!

So the flies spoke in unison,agreed to save the fly caught by the monster.

Mas :Wait!We must have a plan.This is not simply a human,but it's his monster.A VACUUM MACHINE!
Mas :Yes.Even at our speed of 8 km/h,we wouldn't be able to beat this monster.It can suck all the air around it,and with the sound it creates,it will send fear to your spine.Or rather thorax.The mere sight of it would make my my basiscota weak and my wings beat haplessly,turning into fragile papers.I swear if you..
Fly 5 :Excuse me Mas but..
Mas :What?!Don't interrupt me when I'm storytelling.
Fly 5 :I'm sorry but I think we need to save Ryan.I already have a plan.
Mas :Fine.Let us hear the plan.
Fly 5 :Here is the design of the monster.It consist of three different parts.The first part is known as the engine.It is basically the part that supplies energy to this monster.The second part is the container,also known as..

So the flies listened.Or so it seems.

Mas :You there!Don't sleep.I saw you close one of your eyes.
Fly 10 :I was not!
Mas :Yes you were!
Fly 10 : Damn wrong I was not.Besides,I still have a lot of eyes left.
Mas : See.You just said you did it.
Fly 10 : No I didn't.Shut up maggot!
Mas : Look who's talking.I'm older than you,maggot.
Fly 10 : Older?1 second that is.
Fly 5 : Flies,please don't brew storm in a teacup.
Fly 1 : Did someone said something about food?
Fly 4+n! : Food!
Fly 2 : There's enough food here.Let us eat.
Fly 4+n! : Let's!

So the flies continued to eat in the garbage can as Ryan was stuck in the vacuum cleaner,trying to figure why it was so dark and dusty.

Fly 1 :Listen people.I can hear something.But I can't remember what it could be.
Fly 5 : I have a plan of it here,describing about the thing that make the noise but I can't remember what it is.
Fly 3 : Hmm.I think we must save something from this sound.
Mas : I think I've seen it before,but I can't remember it too.Look!My wings looks like an origami paper.Wow,cool!What can this sound be?

Fly 2 : Oh that.That is the VACUUM MACHINE you've all been talking about.
Fly 4+n!: VACUUM MACHINE.Yea!Let's!

And they were all sucked into the monster.
Ryan :Hi guys.What's up?

The end.


TunMutaer said...

so sape kah yg mengvakum lalt nih?
adekah kamil???

fathi said...

lol funny how ppl can pull a story out of my uninteresting routine, with me not being anyone in it!
Cite ni ada kena mengena tak dengan saving pirate ryan?

pech said...

tahir:tu fathi dah ngaku.dia yg

fathi.sori la,aku xdak watak nk bg kt hg.haha.
and doesn't have significance with saving private ryan.coincidence.initially airline company name were to be assigned to the flies.i.e. ryanair,mas,qantas,garuda..but i got lazy so only mas and ryan retained names

nazmi said...

best gila citer ni.gelak gila.
kalo hang buat animation cam citer panda, aku sanggup dubbing jadi fly nombo 5.
asalkan angelina jolie jadi fly nombo 4 pastu megan fox fly no 3 pastu bla bla bla.
pastu tahir jadi watak tambahan - bibik tukang vaccum.sbb aku nak berak kat pipi dia.banyak sket tahi lalat.
*awal2 baca aku dah agak dah, mesti sume lalat ni kene sedut kang.last2 betul -.-

pech said...

bos:apsal fly 5?
and the fly 4+n! is a group of collective flies.
x mampu aku nk dubbing guna angelina jolie.angelina pdot leh a

ezaty said...

rasa nk lempang kau lepas baca.

bos nk jadi lalat 5 sbb byk dialog. konon2 dpt byr lebih laa kot.

fathi suke vacuum ke?

pech said...

aku dh bg amaran.jgn bc kcuali bnyk masa.
tp klau hg nk lempang gak mon,ok nnt aku lempang blik.

vacuum tu kna tny fathi.