Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Missing Emon . . .

A story dedicated to Tahir,depicted in the story as tapir. ^^
If it doesn't make sense,don't feel left out.Nonsensical as it is.
Emon is by the way a character from Stray ii.

Emon the bear is missing!
Such a mystery.
Thus an investigator was hired to search for Emon's whereabout.
"I, detective Dodo,which can even find an extinct animal wouldn't have any trouble finding this Emon you fail to spot," said the cocksure Dodo.
"I assure you it is easy to spot her,but the problem is she have been missing!"
"Yes,she went missing for quite a time now.The house was empty and we couldn't simply find Emon anyway," said a second voice.

The Dodo detective and entourage therefore went to Emon's house to search for clue.What met them as they opened the door was a wreck as papers littered all over the floor and things were scattered about.Crumbs trail of the table,where a few pieces of bun and pastries left untouched.The 1st voice meanwhile picked one of the paper and exclaimed.
"Look at this!"
"What?"asked the second voice,"Let me see it.Oh,it's a receipt."
"Yes it is.10th of July!Now i remember.I know the answer to this mystery.It is clear to me now."
"What is it sis?" asked the 2nd voice.
"You'll find it soon enough.Dodo,stop eating that bun!Quick,follow me."

The trio then went out of the house,walked pass the Singing Cliff where the mermaids usually sing.
"No wonder the mermaids are quiet lately.It has to do with this mystery."
The others were perplexed but instead of explaining,the 1st voice quicken its pace.
Over the hills they hiked,through the bushes they walked.Quietly until the 1st voice spoke again,
"It's not far now."

True enough the bushes gave away and in front of them stood a building.
As if on cue,Emon suddenly stepped out of it with hands laden with purchases.The sisters quickly ran to Emon,hugging the perplexed bear.They broke into chatters,watched by the Detective Dodo who grew bored and later went to buy a Happy Meal.

"Why are you guys acting like this?" asked Emon."It's not like I went missing or something."
The 1st voice and 2nd voice looked at each other and smiled.
"Oh,it's nothing," said the voices.

Faraway in the background,a tapir could be heard selling his merchandises. "Key-chain,key-chain.Buy 1 get 1..."

The end


TunMutaer said...

deym ,
LOL tapir ade lah watak tempek dlm cerita ini!

cepat Faris! beli keychain ngn tapir tue. x yh versandkosten ^^

TunMutaer said...

n 1 more, Emon? adekah Mon?

fathi said...

lol taer akhirnya menjadi watak minor dalam cerita ini..

ezaty said...

yelah. first time i read dis story aku pun terperasan yg buat kat aku. :D

ezaty said...

yelah. first time i read dis story aku pun terperasan yg buat kat aku. :D