Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bléumond 1.5

The fifth part of the 1st chapter.

The person sitting on the floor was tired as he looked back at all the people staring at him. Lord Farquar ordered Links to tie him up while he held Bléumond.
"Instur? Is he your master?"
"No no," she quickly replied, her mood lifted seeing the handicraft man."I am not his slave. I just call him Instur."
"You don't make any sense," he said. He was about to ask when Morlai entered the room."You used the ring?" Morlai said accusingly. After noticing the tied up prisoner he added, "I see. It's him."
"You know him too?" Lord Farquar said irritated.
"He was someone the girl met before," said Morlai.
"Why didn't you kill him?" Lord Faquar's words froze Bléumond.
"I had no need for that."
"You could avoid this," Lord Faquar snarled.
"I will check outside to see if he is alone," Morlai replied."Guard him. The skin is magical. Do not touch it."
"Enough,” Lord Faquar growled as Morlai left the room."Guard him Links, and you hold her," he said as he too was leaving the room."I still have to question them," he added.

The room's atmosphere changed as soon as the tow magicians disappeared and Links even went to the extent of mimicking Morlai's actions. Bléumond had found it funny at first but then she noticed the tired face of Instur, who was concentrating on the three guards. He then suddenly spoke, "Links, can you give me some wine, eh?"
Links was surprised the prisoner spoke, let alone asked for some drinks.
"Why should I give you some?"
"Now, now. Why wouldn't you? Just because that man told you so?"
"What do you know bout that man eh?" Links said. He then poured the prisoner some wine from a cask.
"I don't know a lot but anyone can see he is a no good person. Right eh?" said Instur, before adding, "Pour me some more wine please."
"Good person he sure not is," chipped Port."You know, he is sure wicked. Worst than any mortal can be. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never be a hundredth as wicked as him"
So the room went lively with their chatters, the three guards talking to the prisoner. If it were not for the tied hands, Instur would pass as the others himself. During all this while Bléumond noticed Instur kept drinking a lot of wine, triple than the guards altogether but instead the drowsy looks on the others, his eyes maintained a concentrated look on his tired face. She also noticed his stomach was bulging.
"Is your skin really magical?" Filip was asking.
"Of course it isn't," Links butted in, “aint I'm right, eh?"
"But what's that bulge there?" Port began to notice." You know my uncle once had a belly as big as that until one day, he.."

Unfortunately no one ever knew what happened to Port's uncle because at that time the door opened and Morlai entered the room. He was infuriated seeing the prisoner given wine."Fools. Don’t give him wine. Don’t give him anything."
Intoxicated by the wine, Links bravely stood up to Morlai and started to shout back."I'll give him whatever I want. You think you are so high and powerful, eh?"
Meanwhile Bléumond saw Instur taking the top of the cask by his mouth and gulping it all in. Things then went very fast.

He threw the cask with a swing of his head and it broke near the lamp. A small fire erupted. Instur took a deep breath and as the guards and Morlai turned around to face him, he let out a gush of water from his mouth. It caught fire and the room was ablaze. Instur blew forth fire, burning the walls and the guards, forcing them back while he came close to Bléumond. She shielded her eyes for the heat blinded her as he came closer. The flame slowly grew smaller before suddenly it suddenly stopped.
"Hop on my back," urgently said. Bléumond followed obediently. She turned around and saw Lord Faquar emerging from his father's study room, leaving a gap in the translucent wall, through which Lenna's face was staring straight into her eyes, scared. She shouted Lenna's name, when Instur's tied hand pushed her closer to his back. Instinctively she put her arms around his neck. He said something but she was focused on Lenna's frightened face that she didn't heard it. Lenna called for Bléumond when Lord Faquar pulled out his hand, again sending a spreading wave closer to her eyes. Just as it was about to pass her, everything became a blur of shadows. The voices were gone and replaced by silence.
Bleumond's heart thumped, her lungs pricked as if hit by a thousand needles, her eyes blinded by spasms of light.
And it all suddenly stopped as sudden as it began.
She fell from Instur's back, vomiting and sick on the bare ground. Instur was lying a few feet away. After a few seconds she heard Instur's voice, „I told you to close your eyes and mouth. You didn't listen and kept shouting."He then said softly, „Are you alright?"
Bléumond couldn't answer him. Quietly he left him.
Only then did she notice she was crying. Lenna’s face came to her mind. Suddenly the thought that she didn't cry before for her parents, made her hate herself. Then she cried even more, rocking herself to sleep, closing her wet eyes. In the middle of her sleep she felt someone wrapping her in a blanket, carrying her away. Thus she called out, „Father?"

The voice answered yes.
Bléumond closed her eyes tighter.

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