Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tap-here (Tapir)

The Tapir Tahir

There was once a tapir,
or was it a tahir?
Anyway he was our class leader.
A fine one said the other members
Drove a car light blue in colour,
"Jambu gila" some would mutter.
But really it doesn't matter,
Cos with the car,to Jusco we could wander!

Now it made me ponder
What on earth am I starting to blabber,
Owh about our class monitor
who wants a story about her
eh it's a him,not her!
egal, as long as he's a character
in any story that appear
on my blog,blog blogger~~~

though this aint one for that matter,
simple proses hacked together
run around,run little letters
be a poem,be a prose,or whatever
well,at least isn't it better
than only a key-chain peddler?

There was once Tahir,
or was it a tapir?

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