Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There was once two salmons swimming in the sea.

They were swimming happily when he asked her, when would she be going back upstream.
She just kept quiet so they continued swimming silently.
The next day he asked her again,when would she be going back upstream.Again she didn't answer and again he accepted it quietly.
The next day he asked her again, and this time she answered.

"I do not want to go upstream. I love the sea and I want to swim in it for all my life"
He laughed.Yes, fishes do laugh and when they do, small bubbles came out of their gills.

"Why are you laughing?" she asked.
He answered that he didn't believe that she wouldn't go back upstream.
"We will see and wait. Then we will swim back together," he added.
"I am not going back."
"Then I have to swim with you for now," he said.
"Will you swim with me, as I explore the depth of the sea?"
"I will not be here forever, but I will wait upstream until whenever."
Thus they swam together onwards for some time.

Then as the last call came for the fish to return, as the last tulip bloomed, he left her in the sea and swam upstream to the place it all began. There he waited and in his waiting he saw how others grew red and how they left behind new eggs.
Even when they began to hatch, he was still waiting with his skin the same shade as before.
What happened to her, he never knew.
What happened to him was he never changed his scales and in his young body he died of old age, waiting for the salmon who fell in love with the sea.

Oh foolish fish, a silly salmon he was, waiting for something that never was to come.
Death In Vain.

The end.


valium said...

i like~

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

daku kah yang terlebih tafsir... atau mmg daku memahaminya...eheeee..

pech said...

thx valium

hoho sis..aku pon tatau
terlebih ka terkurang