Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I once went to an island

The verses somehow related to this video/song.
Watch it first, or later, whichever suits. I recommend the former.
Owh and the writing below is not lyrics for the video. It just relates in a way. A bit.

I once went to an island


aiichan said...

simon and garfunkel, aha.
no wonder la it sounds so familiar.
i practically grew with their songs ^^

so i guess uve met 'the rock' huh.

Anonymous said...

old or new.. a rock is always a rock~

are you a mudskipper?

pech said...

the rock that i've met is not a rocker.ahaha

no, anonym, im not a mudskipper.but i do play minesweeper :D

aiichan said...

sweep as you may,
make sure you dont sway