Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rhabit

It was a cloudy morning in May, as I walked over the country. After not a while, to my surprise I saw a rabbit scuffling slowly across the ground. It was white in colour, a peculiarity where the norm is brown, the rabbit turned as it heard my footstep and began to distance itself from me. Though what is more peculiar is it only went just a few meters away and when I came close, it ran away again, maintaining a constant distant from me.

This behaviour persisted so I followed as it evades me, when suddenly I tripped over roots and about to fall. The rabbit must have occured to its little brain that I wanted to catch it, that the white creature bolted away. I regained my steps and followed it, where I saw the rabbit crossed the road(for we were leaving the fields) and a car came. The driver probably barely noticed except a slight bum, the left tyre, as the car sped away blissfully.

I ran and prepared myself for the worse.
The rabbit was dead, or so I thought. However it suddenly talked, I musn't be dead then, I amended my thoughts. Then again, it couldn't be a rabbit then, if it happened to talk. Nevertheless it spoke.

To be honest I had believed the voices to be mine, except for the fact that the mouth of the white rabbit was in sync with the voice, while my mouth, I noticed, was dry and agap. What the rabbit said was even surprising, something you would not expect to be said by a ran-over rabbit, if they could talk at all. Still, what it said was something like this.

To die insignificantly or;
to die beautifully.

To this I had no response, as I now feel it was not a question. Even if it was, I wouldn't be able to provide an adequate reply at that time. The rabbit further said.

If a rabbit were to furrow a burrow,
would it simply be something that resembles one.
If a rabbit were to die and not see tomorrow,
would it matter what it left behind and done?

with that the rabbit stopped. Its words stopped with its breath. A friend of mine asked, "Why do you tell about this sad rabbit then?"
"I do not know. It's a habit."

A Rhabit. The end.


aiichan said...

haish. ran-over rabbit >.<
not a scene id dream of watching.
but then again, lotsa things in life we've never dreamed of doing.

ok since my head is juggled up with too much blood, i refuse to think.

but theres no answer to the second question.

pech said...

waaahh.. suddenly reread this again, and thought, "what was i thinking?"

sgt pelik cita ni.haha

Anonymous said...

tau pun! anyway.. she is such an inspiring rabbit... how adorable.. **wink** hahaa...