Thursday, May 13, 2010

"If you had not...."

There was once a time, when Humpty Dumpty was running around. Faster and faster he went with his laughter filling the air. He was very happy running around.

Humpty however forgot that when one ran too fast, he was bound to fall. Thus Humpty fell and hurt himself. There was a small crack on him which ran just above his chest. Fortunately Potsy Potter came along and had with her a patch of bandage, which she applied while saying how clumsy Humpty was. “I’ve told you before not to run around,” she said.

After that they went to the park, for Miss Potter had some errands to do. Along the way they spotted a dandelion, alone by itself as the others were already blown away by the North Wind.

“How lovely that dandelion is. It is dancing happily, that one can hardly stop oneself from swinging along to its rhythm. How I would be so glad to plant one,” said Miss Potter.

Therefore Humpty went to pick the dandelion when suddenly a gush of wind blew it away.

“Run for it Mr Dumpty, run!” Humpty ran but he was too slow. The dandelion was already far away, a tiny speck. “If only I had not fallen and cracked myself,” said Dumpty as he pointed to his chest, “I am sure I would have caught it.”

“If you had not run stupidly around, then you would not have fallen in the first place,” said Miss Potter as she stomped off angrily. Suddenly Humpty saw another dandelion and quickly pointed to Miss Potter. She however coldly replied, “I dislike dandelion. There are always so flimsy and waving around, one can only wonder when they are going to be blown and fly away.” So they continued walking for a while in silent.

The road came to a bridge and below this bridge flow a pristine stream. As they crossed over, Miss Potter looked down into the river and saw a water-lily, with its blossoming flower in pink. “How lovely that flower is with its petals poised at the verge of blossom. Its colour reflected on the river, like the cheek on a young girl. I would so very happy to have one.”

Upon hearing those words Humpty eagerly reached towards the flower. He kneeled on the bridge and stretched his hands but it was a grasp to short when suddenly the root of the water-lily snapped. The flower and its pad were taken away by the flow, followed by Humpty’s disappointed eyes. “If only I had not fallen and cracked myself,” he said, “I could have lie on the bridge and reached for the flower.”
“If you had not run around, you would not have fallen,” Miss Potter said, as she walked away with Humpty following sadly behind.

Shortly afterward they finally arrived at the park. Around the park ran a wall and on that wall grew vines and vines intertwined. Miss Potter eyes’ happen to rest on a morning glory which was full-bloom on the wall. “It is almost afternoon yet the flower is still in bloom. It is said that a morning glory plucked full bloom at noon, will bring such good fortune,” she said. Thus Humpty quickly climbed the wall towards the flower, plucked the flower and showed to her. Suddenly the crack on his chest began to widen and Humpty lost his grip and fell. He broke to a thousand pieces and even all the bandages in the world couldn’t put him together again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Poor Humpty. If only he had not ran around. It doesn't matter what you do afterward Humpty, it's the fact that you ran in the first place.



Momoe said...

wah. your version of humpty dumpty ehh. menarik.

I've heard of Humpty Dumpty being a person and also a canon. But how about this one? Whats your definiton of humpty dumpty?

pech said...

actually I've wikied about Humpty only right I have finished writing. so the story is like what I always thought, an egg. Interesting though that there are many interpretations, colchester canon, a king etc.

The story to the writing is that I wanted to write about futility and irreparable. Something that breaks/broke and cannot/coldn't be repaired.. voila, hence the writing is written

aiichan said...

oh ive only known humpty as the egg. have never heard of it being a canon XD

but its depressing, isnt it. to be haunted by a past mistake.

if only one has the power to control the time..

KIAMBANG said...



pech said... not imagine a cannon that looked like an egg.
it is daunting, but if anyone has the power of time, no one would shoulder their own mistake

ya yokies!

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Anonymous said...

Reading through your previous posts and wonder when will u ever update this blog again...