Saturday, September 25, 2010

thy or thee -Part 1

Apathy empathy sympathy,
I can't ever discern one from the other.
All I know is what they've told me
They said I have neither of the three
I'm inhuman, heartless
A human without sympathy.

.. .


Muaz Nabil said...

no lah.
maybe human without sympathy for the moment. when the right person come in, insyaALlah...sure ada punyalah. ^__^

KIAMBANG said...

I don't care about your sympathy
I just want your money
because I'm a mamak selling roti
and you had just eaten my capati!

*sori faris, menye-poil mood!*

awat emo2 ni?

pech said...

muaz:aku rasa sajak ni bukan pasal

kiambang: u dont care for sympathy, coz u hardly have eyes to see,
see, see, ur eyes so tiny,
no wonder u sepet sekali

ni ada bhgn kedua ni..tungguuu