Friday, March 22, 2013

The think tank

He rubbed his left hands with his right, smoothing his skins till he saw the green veins underneath. He pulled out a packet and tore it open. There were three patches inside; he took one and stuffed the rest in his pocket. He flicked his palms downwards and looked at his wristwatch: 3:49.

He turned his hands and put the patch on the underside of his arms. There was a tinge of prick before it disappeared altogether. He rubbed his left hand quickly and the patch began to melt into the same colour of his skin. There was still a small bump but the patch was camouflaged completely. Satisfied, he crossed his arms together and exhale deeply . 

He took another look at his watch. The digital display didn't changH but the watch said, "he'll be here."
"I know," he replied, before adding. "I wish I've bought an analogue instead."
The watch didn't reply anything, but it began to tick a few seconds later in countdown. It's algorithm has shown that the owner has looked at it twice in a minute and sense an imminence urgency which had appointed the next minute to be important, hence the countdown.

The beeping continued to grow louder before it stopped after a 3 seconds alarm. As if on cue, a rift opened in the air in front of him.
"You're late," Andran said to the newcomer.
"I'm not," the newcomer replied, as he stepped completely out of the rift. He was wearing a whole black suit, from top to bottom, with silvers around the neck, wrists, and heels. His hands went to his neck, grasped around the silver strap before the clasp detected his prints and opened. He pulled of his helmet and looked at Andran. He, was a she.

"Good, a woman," Andran said, trying not to sound so surprised. The woman in black acted as she didn't hear anything. "Let's go," he said to her.

They walked down the road, past a vending machine dispensing sushis, before they stopped at a big, blue door. He put his palms on the door. "I heard they're using passable door already. Is that true?" Andran said.
"Maybe," she said.
He looked sideways at her and smile as he shook his head. The door opened.
"What a bitch," he said.

to be continued.

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