Sunday, March 31, 2013

Think tank 1.1

He walked through the door and into a desolated tunnel. There was a few footsteps marking on the whitewashed wall but other than that, the place looked clean. The door closed silently as she stepped inside, causing the room darkened a bit before the lights grew brighter to compensate the semi transparent door.

"Change your clothes," Andran said. He didn't turn around as he began to walk, relying only on the sound of another pair of footsteps following close behind.Only when he stopped at a junction that he noticed the woman was still clad in black. She stood next to him, eyeing the different way the tunnel forked out to. Left led to another tunnel, while the right paved onto a climbing road. Meanwhile, Adran was eyeing her with his eyebrows creased.

"Why are you still in black?" he asked.
"Hm? Whatabout it?" she said.
"Change your clothes," he said.
"I don't have any spares," she replied.
Adran rubbed his right eyebrows.
"I am not saying you to get naked here, just change the colours," he said.
"Into what?" she asked.
"Into quartz. Into this," he said. He said 'Quartz!' to his wristwatch, before shaking his arms. The watch's colour began to swirl and a few second later it was aqua in colour. "Now change it," Adran said. This time he didn't move before seeing with  his own eyes.

"How did you do that?" the woman asked. Her face was solemn but her eyes betrayed her curiousity.
"It's Leetex. Don't you guys have them anymore?"
"Yeah. Yeah, sure," she said. "We have them, but it didn't manage to get through the rift?"
Adran rubbed his right eyebrows again. "I didn't know Leetex can't survive the Travel. They must have made them not like they used to, I guess," he said as he laughed, alone. Adran then pulled of his blue robe and threw it to the woman. She just watched as the cloth hit her body and slid to the ground, before picking it up and throwing it over her shoulder.Adran just shook his head in disbelieve before turning on his heels and walking up the inclining road. He said 'Skin!' to his wristwatch and shook his arms. The watch turned almost invisible on his hand, only a faint silver silhoutte of the watch can be seen along with the blue font displaying the time.

to be continued...

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