Monday, May 26, 2008


An alternate continuation of the story(i can't remember the title) where the hen found wheat grains and decided to make into a bread(cake in this story).The hen asked for help but the animals(cat,dog,pig,mice) refused,only wanted to 'help' the hen eat the bread in the end.The hen was then supposed to decline the 'help'.

So Hen said to them,
"All of you said that you were busy when i asked for your help but now you want a piece of my cake.Naturally i would not share it.Fortunately however the cake isn't fully completed, thus you all still have a chance to redeem yourselves.Find me the Frozen Strawberry for the topping,and half the cake is yours."

Thus they went on a journey to search for the Frozen Strawberry,a type of berry that only grew in the coldness of the mountain,thus earning its name.
Under the sun walked the 4 creatures with Dog in lead,Cat in tow followed by Pig and Mice at the end of the trail.However Mice was soon tired and could walked no more.
Cat offered a lift in his mouth,which met no approval.It was then decided Mice would sit in Dog's ear.Their journey then continued until they finally arrived at the top of the mountain.
"Look there,it's the berry," pointed Dog,followed closely by Cat and Pig.They were about to take the Frozen strawberry and went back when suddenly out of the ground came a net and swoop all of them up in a pile.
They were surprised to be caught hanging by a net when a man came out of the bush.
"Well,well.I've always heard these berries attract many kinds of animal but I never thought I would catch a dog,let alone with a cat and a pig," said the hunter.

The hunter then brought home the animals along with the Frozen Strawberry,which his wife was to cook the former and made jam out of the latter.While the hunter's wife was heating water in a pot for the jam, Pig was pacing to and fro in the cage they were kept.
"Cat,what should we?What should we do?I don't want to be a sausage.Oh Cat,we must get out of here,we simply must.I think I will slam this cage's door open.Wait,what am I saying?Pigs don't think!I'm slamming the door right now."
Cat tried to stop him when Mice woke up and jumped out of Dog's ear just in time to stop Pig.
"Wait!" said Mice,"I will go and get the keys."
So Mice skimped and searched for the key to the cage,running on the sills when the hunter's wife saw him.
"A mouse!In my house?"
she said before quickly swinging her knife at Mice.Mice avoided just in time,only to accidentally fall into the pot of water.

"Oh no.Cat!We must help Mice.We simply must!I'm breaking this door now," said Pig.Without waiting a reply,he ran.Bam! Pig slammed at the door but it didn't budged.He tried and tried but nothing happened.The hunter came as he heard the noise,so did her wife who was searching for the mouse.
"See what you did Pig,"said Cat, "Now just stay put and take a deep breath.And take your tongue in Dog."

The hunter and his wife approached the cage slowly and saw Dog closing his mouth while Pig was standing still, taking a deep breath.Pig however took a very deep one,too deep that he was soon expanding and pushing Cat and Dog to the side,filling the whole cage which slowly began to lift from the floor.They were soon floating watched by the hunter and his wife who was rather quite stunned,seeing the animals passing by their face,with Cat letting his tail down for the Mice to grab.They continued to float,pass the table where the Frozen Strawberry laid,through the window and out of the house.The wind was kind and they were blown to the farm where Pig finally let go of his breath.The cage fell and broke,spitting the animals as Hen came to them with her chicks behind.
"So I see you have redeemed yourselves.No,I don't want to hear your story Pig," said Hen."Your part of cake is in the barn.Now if you would excuse me,I have to brood."

So the 4 creatures gave the Frozen Strawberry and took their part of cake,eating happily together.And they lived contently and sated for a day after,except for Pig that is.

"Cat,do you think we can asked for a bit more from Hen?Only a bit,not much.Just enough for a bite or two."
"Shut up Pig."
"Alright then."


HaHaHaNaM said...

Lawak la citer ni, tp aku terpaksa rate 1 star sbb aku tak baca cerita sblm ni.awat hg tak bagi link je utk citer sblm ni?

pech said...

cita sblum ni bkn aku tulis.
an old fairy tale.the hen and the something,cant remember the title.
kna cari wikini.