Friday, May 2, 2008

Wake up Beauty!

This is one of the alternate ending for the story Sleeping Aurora.Read the main story first,if you came to this by accident.

So the princess pondered everyday,mulling ways of how to be with the man of her choice.One day as she was sitting at the window, she heard a loud commotion in the castle hall.Later she discovered that a group of actors in caravans had arrived and is promoting their show.The princess was then struck by an idea,before conceiving a plan to fulfill her heart desire.

The princess´ birthday finally arrived.
There was such joy and excitement in the castle,as people were bustling about,perfecting the last minute details for the princess' birthday party and betrothment. The princess then descended from her room,covering her face with a veil as it was the tradition.As the betrothment commence and the Prince was to unveil the princess,when suddenly poof!Smoke filled the room and from the smoke rose fairies,three of them.Swaying their wands in unison,they chanted spells in chorus.
The first fairy wished, "She will have wisdom."
The second fairy wished, "She will have beauty."
The last fairy wished, " She will have wealth."

The last fairy then requested a toast to the princess.Everyone was spellbound by the fairies appearance, but as soon as they drank their toast another fairy appeared.A dark,ugly fairy.
"How dare you all didn't invite me to this.For this you shall all perish!And I will turn the princess into a maid," she said.
"No you shall not kill them.Instead they will sleep a long, undisturbed sleep,"the three fairies replied,but their voice was not heard as everyone in the hall had fell asleep.

The whole hall woke from their deep,slumber sleep a few hours later,puzzled and confused.Still the party proceeded and the princess was unveiled,revealing the princess' maid instead in her place.However no one said anything,remembering what the dark fairy had done.Thus the 'princess' was betrothed and a few months later was married.Years later the 'princess' became the Queen,helping the King to rule the land with wisdom,gaining wealth and never even to her late age did her beauty fade.

The real princess however had eloped with the stable-boy and lived a quiet, wonderful life.
They live happily ever after.
Everyone did.
Even the actors.
They became well known for their "Magical sleeping potion" and arrays of fancy fairy costume.

The End


Pemburu said...

hm...another version of shrek! nice2.

ejatttttiii said...

sy suke ini crite. tp bila pemburu ini kata mcm shrek, jd rasa x best plak. btol ke sama mcm shrek? sy x tgk laa itu crite.

pech said...

mana ada minachi.
itu shrek bnyk lain.
ada itu ogre

hg nk cita shrek ka muaz?

anti tikus gondol said...

love it so much!
klakar n menarik..
cta yg ringan..., sesuai klw nak release tekanan!