Friday, May 2, 2008

Dream on Beauty!

This is one of the alternate ending for the story Sleeping Aurora.Read the main story first,if you came to this by accident.

So the princess pondered everyday how to be with the man of her choice,that one day she decided to tell the Queen about the stable-boy.
The Queen was so appalled upon hearing the princess' story and strictly commanded her to behave properly and forget the stable-boy completely.The princess however couldn't bear it,thus she cried her heart out.

Suddenly a fairy godmother appeared and spoke,
"Why are you crying princess?"she asked.
"Oh godmother!Please help me.Oh! do help me," pleaded the princess.
"Dear princess.I've helped you before,but it's beyond me this time," replied the fairy.
And the princess cried hopelessly,mourning the days till her birthday.

The princess´ birthday finally arrived.
The whole castle inhabitants was full with excitement and anticipation as everyone was waiting for the engagement.Everyone except the princess,who walked heavy-heartedly down from her room,covering her face with a veil as it was the engagement tradition.Sadly and slowly she walked into the room when suddenly poof! Smoke filled the room and from the smoke rose the fairy godmother,before waving her wand and chanting.
"She will have beauty and courage,
wisdom and knowledge,
but most of all she she will be just and happy
to the end of her life."

The crowd cheered at the wish,toasting to the princess' health before suddenly smoke filled the room once more and so did another fairy appeared, a dark,ugly fairy this time.Enraged at being not invited to the betrothment,the dark fairy cursed everyone to their death.
"Die as you watch me,
for you all before ignored me."

However the fairy godmother intervened and the whole castle was instead put under a slumber sleep.One that was woken when a prince came into the castle and kissed the sleeping princess.The princess opened her eyes and to her delightful surprise,the prince was the stable-boy whom she fell in love with.The rest of castle woke up and the betrothment proceeded as planned.Not long after the princess was married and she live happily ever after.
Everyone of them.
Even the dark fairy.

"so it's me who always does the dirty work eh?"
"calm down sister.I promise you,the next time you can be the fairy godmother."
"fair enough i the by,what happened to the real prince?"
"oh he just left,seeing all the people sleeping"
"aha!anyway nice apparel you found for the horse-boy"
"it's stable-boy.and I thank you for the compliment"

The End

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