Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sleeping Aurora

An alternate story to Sleeping beauty with alternate ending,as requested by Azra Atiqka.

In a kingdom far away lived the Queen and King without a child, until one day the Queen bore a baby girl.On the same day another girl was born,a child to the Royal cook. Both children grew up separately but at the age of seven,the cook's daughter was made personal maid for the princess, and later they became good friends. Years pass by as they grew up beautifully and appeared frighteningly similar to each other day by day,up until the point the Royal subject could never tell them apart except for their garments. Everyone noticed the resemblances,though no one ever said it aloud.

The princess would sometimes take advantage of this,such that she would persuade her maid to take her place for lessons.The maid would always decline,fearing for her life.The princess however was a very persuasive and stubborn girl and would always get her way.In the end the maid would sit trembling,bearing herself to sit through the etiquette and various lessons, all the while wishing no one would discover the princess' stratagem.Meanwhile the princess would take a stroll,sometimes outside the castle,but mostly in the park.

Thus it happened in one of her amble,she heard a very beautiful voice singing in the park.As she came around the bush, she saw the owner of the mesmerizing voice,a boy,who was tugging along a gentle old horse.
"Who are you?" asked the princess.
Quite surprised at the sight of a pretty young lady,the boy took a few seconds before replying.
"I am the stable-boy.And may i ask who are you?"he asked in reply.

Instead of answering,the princess however turned around and ran in the direction of the castle,leaving the stable-boy perplexed and wondering to himself.
As soon as the lessons were finished,the princess quickly relate to her friend,the maid, about her meeting with the stable-boy.It was then decided that the maid was to convey the princess' message to the stable-boy.The boy received the message gladly,pleased that he was to meet her again.Date was set and rendezvous took place.Then it was not long before the princess and the stable-boy fell in love with each other.

However it was also not long before the princess' 17th birthday,in which she was to be betrothed to a prince from a neighboring kingdom.This prospect was not so enlightening to her as before, as she had fallen for someone else.

The story now diverges into two endings.Choose any ending you may.
the first ending-Wake up Beauty!
the second ending-Dream on Beauty!

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