Monday, April 7, 2008


amir safwan shuib might remember this story,a (nonsensical?) parody of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood.

Once upon a time,there was a boy who wore a red hood.thus he was called a Red Riding day Red Riding Hood went to visit his friends who lives in the forest.along his way,he met a she-wolf who disguised as an old woman.

"little boy,where are you going," she asked.
"i'm going to my friends house,old woman,for they are giving a party."
"what are you carrying there?"asked the old woman as she pointed to a parcel he was holding.
"oh, this.this is an album,with my picture inside.

the she-wolf bid thank you and went away.she knew a short-cut to Red Riding Hood's friend's house,so she was there in a jiffy.then she ate everyone at the party,before dressing up as an old woman.patiently she waited for Red Riding Hood.

"hello,is there anyone home?"called Red Riding Hood.
"come in Red Riding Hood," replied the she-wolf.

Red Riding Hood went into the house and looked was exactly the same situation as his sister,the old Red Riding Hood,that he noticed instantly that his friends were eaten.

"so hungry wolf,i suppose now you want to eat me,"said Red Riding Hood.

to this the she-wolf replied,
"no, my dear.i just wanted to see your pictures."
"what?!my pictures!.you have eaten all of my friends but you want to left me untouched.yet you want to see my pictures.i am all sister is so absorbed with her fairy friends were eaten.boohoohoo.please eat me too,"Red Riding Hood said as he started to cry.

"there,there.please don't cry.i can be your friend."
"i don't want you to be my friend.i want you to eat me,"Red Riding Hood cries turned into wails and howls.
"please don't cry Red Riding Hood.let us both look at your pictures."

Red Riding Hood cries turned into sniffs.they both looked at his album.after they were finished,Red Riding Hood went home,rather quite cheered fact the next day he came back and played with the she-wolf.he started to like the she-wolf.
the she-wolf however was starting to get hungry day she said,
"Red Riding Hood,i cannot be your friend anymore.i want to eat you.please run away."

Red Riding Hood was confused by the change.women are complicated,he thought.however Red Riding Hood didn't ran.he protested.a nearby hunter heard them and thought Red Riding Hood was in danger so he took aim and shot.


unfortunately the hunter can't aim very well and had missed.instead the bullet hit Red Riding Hood on the leg.the hunter tried to shoot,and again he missed.(what a stupid hunter.better if he goes back to the village and becomes a farmer,planting corns used to make flour.)
anyway the second bullet hit a lantern,causing it to fall and broke.soon the house was on fire.
the hunter was then forced to retreat.Red Riding Hood couldn't move,but the she-wolf couldn't simply left him behind.thus in the end there were both trapped in the house.

the hunter?
he ran away.the last anyone saw him was when he was buying corns' seed.


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3 comment cukup?
tell me if it's not =D
now, a request: parody on sleeping beauty.

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aku suke citer ni. nk rate..

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hoho! best giler kot....
the best antara suma yang aku dh baca.. klakar...

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ban azra! mcm muaz.

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