Tuesday, April 22, 2008


a story about a unicorn,requested(in a way) by asma'.

in Chipwood Forest once lived a young,white unicorn,
young he was,but white was not his horn,
it was neither black nor grey,as it's colourless.
thus others would not see it a unicorn,rather a horse.

one day Fonté walked through the wood,
as he was hungry,searching for food,
when suddenly he heard a voice,
one he couldn't find the source,
not until he looked down,that is,
that he saw two little bunnies.

"hey there you white horse,
move away you smashed our house."
the bunnies were clearly angry,
for Fonté had stepped on their burrow's entrance,
something Fonté haven't done intentionally,
but hearing called a horse,he replied in an instance.

"how dare you!
can't you see i'm a unicorn,
you stupid obnoxious vermin,

by the by,
it's not my fault i stepped over it,
you should have made it elsewhere,stupid!"

"hey, hey stop calling names,
since its not us to blame,
we didn't notice your horn,
as it looks rather pale,
otherwise i'd call u unicorn,
so now would you move away?"
said the first hare.

"i'd gladly move quietly,if u noticed that before,
but i guess little vermin don't know more."

the unicorn move away he did,
but not before stamping its feet,
oh how the shocked the bunnies were,
so mad,they can't take anymore,

they were furious and angry,
that they bite the unicorn's legs and knee,
Fonté howled and screamed in agony
and he tried to step on the bunny

hopping and jumping,
bunnies and unicorn both,
but the bunnies escaped to their holes running,
leaving the unicorn foaming mouth with froth.

but Fonté can't accept defeat,
upon the burrow he kept stead,
thinking of ways to avenge;
but wait as he would,
till he not anymore could,
still he cant avenge.

thus Fonté left.

only then the bunny came out,
to think it was safe all about,
to realize their hole blocked,
with something of a smuck

poop Fonté left.

three days later
Fonté went through the wood,
again hungry for food,
absolutely forgetting what he'd done,
that is until he heard a voice from behind.

"so this is the unicorn,is it?
or rather a horse,better it fits.
i wonder why u mashed their place,
those nice little hare,
i agree,ur really a disgrace,
unicorns,horses and all mare"
said a tortoise,
disapproval on his face.

vain was Fonté thus scorched was his pride,
fuming with madness,crushing the tortoise with all his might,
in his anger and incense he forgot,
that tortoise shell's hard as rock.
instead of the tortoise,
Fonté was in anguish,

at sight of such,
the tortoise began to laugh,
angered Fonté more and much,
that Fontè aim for the tortoise mouth.

alas the tortoise withdrew,
just by an inch Fonté's foot flew.
laughing harder the tortoise at Fonté,
thinking he's safe,all tucked away.

however it was short-lived,
as Fonté kicked and kicked,
unintentionally sending the tortoise spinning,
upside down with its belly showing,

the tortoise flail its feet in the air,
but Fonté feet was flailing too,
and CRUSH!
past the tortoise it went through.

Fonté sat and stared at the still tortoise
one that he had incised,
for a moment he was stupefied,
but shortly he brushed it aside.

"its not my fault he died,
if only it hadn't insulted me like it had,
undoubtedly i won't run amuck,
oh well,it's just his luck."
with that Fonté walked away,
searching food for the day.

walking with a full stomach home,
happy no more hungry,he slowly roamed,
when a cat jumped out of nowhere suddenly,
surprising Fonté,before cursing vehemently.

"foul horse,"it hissed,
enough for Fonté to be piqued,
so he chased the cat amuck,
but before he knew,in a moor he was stuck,
for the cat was baiting Fonté into a quick-sand,
something the cat was planning beforehand.

"vile unicorn,u've gone so far,
u killer!ur race u've marred,
see how u wud feel now then,
to be helpless,waiting for ur end.

so the cat sat upon a stump,
waiting and watching Fonté sink,slump,
just as only Fontè head was above,
that the cat began again to move.

"i'll leave now worthless creature,
leaving u to ur death,it's near.
i wonder though y ur so heartless,
maybe thats why ur horn colourless."

the cat was leaving,
when he heard Fonté's word ringed.

"come closer and u can see,
there's colour in my horn,come and see"

without a thought the cat approached the unicorn,
squinting its eyes,peering at the horn,
before suddenly!
Fonté swinged his head swiftly,
piercing through the cat's body,
limp and lifeless,killing it instantly.

"haha.u gullible fool,
there's no color in my horn,no!
oh u r such a fool.
oh such a death fits u,oh i do think so."

in that Fonté was mistaken,
as he slowly sinked to his end of existence,
for his horn was colourless no more,
as it is red,blood red as Fonté dies in the moor.


ibtisam yg baek said...

ok crta ini sgt kejam..tp sedikit sedih
he became like that sbb cant accept d fact n keep blaming others...aku sayu
but overall ok wpun pitching ada lari sket..haha

ok as i said b4..this is an official request
enck faris,nak crta snow white.
bit twisted here n there..i like..haha

asma' said...

einfach brutal!

pech said...

ibtisam:snow white dh siap!lol.lmbt gla.xtau la ckup 'putar' ka x.

asma:hg yg mintak!