Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Potelé~heureux -happy

this post is a continuation of The potelé read it first if u haven't.
as stated,this is the happy ending to
The potelé monster.

Garcon climb the mountain,watched closely by the Pyro-army.they was keeping an eye on him,camping on the foothill,preventing the sacrifice from running away.
after seeing Garcon arrive 'safely' to the top, the army would then 'vanish'.so would any chance of escaping for Garcon,for as he reached the last climb,he was hauled up by a giant hand.

holding him was the monster, and he was azure.
the sunlight shined upon the scale on its skin, casting a bright blue reflection.
something that struck Gorcan as wonderful,mesmerizing.
and the monster spoke.
what caught his attention was not what it spoke,but rather the voice.
the voice was somewhat unsuitable,a voice unbefiting for a monster,Gorcan wondered.
until he realized,
it was the voice of a boy!

almost eaten,Garcon screamed;
apparently he was never ordered before,so the monster stopped and looked wonderingly at Garcon.
"let's play a game," Garcon said.

amazingly the monster put him down and listened.
quickly thinking,Garcon drew a t-shaped box on the ground.
slowly he tempted the monster into playing 'teng-teng' with him.

the monster was interested and thus forgot his hunger,but not for long.
he was about to eat Garcon,but every time he wanted to,Garcon would introduce a new game.playing till it was tired,Garcon managed to survive the day.
however still,Garcon was running out of idea on the second day.
oh how he wish he had marbles,for he knew dozens of game using them.
as he was about to be eaten again,Garcon desperately asked the monster if it had any marbles.
it stopped and pondered before plucking its scales, throwing it to the ground and said
its scales turned into marbles,blue gem-like-marbles.
the monster can turn his scales into anything that is round,by just saying potelé.
Garcon cant believe his eyes,and picked up the marbles.
as if an act of display,the monster did it again,
but this time by turning itself into a marble!
a big blue sphere,with only the protruding ears betraying its origins.
round and round,
the ball began to roll,amusing itself by chasing Garcon.
alas,by chance the monster accidentally bounced OF the mountain,going over the was tumbling downhill,picking speed along the way.

quickly Garcon raced after the monster,trying to stop it reaching the bottom.unfortunately he tripped and the time he stood up,the monster was already gone and out of sight.
Garcon was just about to walk back home when he realized he was standing on a tablet.
a broken tablet with words written on it:

"only a boy shall be chosen,
gems thief from the cave to fend,
for this he'll obtain the power potele,
but after a week,a cursed monster he will stay.

to lift the curse,to restore peace,
remove the monster,with another boy to replace.

the rest of the tablet was not to be found,
for it was an old one,
one that is written a long time of yore,
a time when Mount Esig was widely known for its gem cave.
a time before when there was no Potelé monster,let alone the Pyrocannon.

with the tablet Garcon ran home.


Garcon reached his home tired,only to see his grandma sitting by the window,knitting,like it was a normal day.
"Garcon,my came back!come here and see what i knitted for you," she said.
"they're beautiful,grandma.beautiful.
now look what I brought."


Master Slardar was surprised upon Garcon's return.
moreover,he was intrigued by the wealth Garcon had acquired.
through constant inquiring and pestering,he discovered about the gem cave.
consumed by greed,he brought his son with him to Mountain Esig.
true enough,there was a cave full of gems.
the entrance however was too small,only enough for a child to go through.
thus Master Slardar commanded Jabar to crept through.
the cave was full of gems,but the biggest was at the center,a sparkling gem-crystal, making up the pillar of the cave.
Jabar was ordered to take the pillar down,but tried as hard as he can, the pillar didn't move an inch.
Master Slardar then threw a rope,which Jabar tied at the pillar.
they pulled and pulled,so hard that the pillar move,but without the pillar as a support,the roof began to fall.Jabar quickly ran out and managed to save himself just as the roof caved in.
eventually the Master Slardar went home empty handed,
perusing the wealth he had 'lost',
forgetting he almost lose his son.almost.


the sun was setting when the fishermen found a boy lying clothesless on the riverbank.
the boy was pail and frail,and his body was shaking wildly from the cold.barely conscious, the fishermen took him home.

after days of resting,the boy was finally up and running again.named Quasi and raised by the fisherman as his own,he grew up healthy and strong.Quasi became a fisherman himself and spend the rest of his whole life by the river.

he would never stop wondering about himself,as he had no recollection of his past,only up until the time he was saved by his adopted father.
Quasi would sat by the river every evening,pondering.and sometimes,sometimes his skin would appear a shade of blue,a light blue.his father would always dismiss it and say it was only the reflection of the water.
Quasi smiled a reply,and the shade would vanish.

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ezaty said...

first i cudnt understand the end, tp upenye kawe silap baca. hihi

this one's for you, faris

"today i brew, tomorrow i bake,
and then the child i'm going to take,
for little knows, my royal name,
that rumpelstilskin is my name!"

nk dgr aku nyanyi x?