Friday, April 4, 2008

The potelé monster

this story was requested by Izzati(mon~mon),written with two alternate endings;
a happy and a sad one.

Garcon and his grandmother live in a humble abode on the outskirt of Persepia, a town on the north of Mount Esig.His grandmother was old,so Garcon had to worked at a young age for the landlord,a man named Master Slardar.
everyday he would take a piece of bread and start his walk to work with his grandma goodbye.
he would eat half the bread along the way and the other half at midday,but he was always hungry as his job was hard,carrying bales of hay from the storehouse.
certainly not a light task.
and the fee withal was meager-Master Slardar was a very stingy man-that when Garcon spend the daily wages to buy sundry along the way home,there was hardly any gold left.
he would reach his home tired,but he would conceal his lethargic face as his grandma was always sitting by the window,knitting,ready to greet him the moment he arrived.

"Garcon,my grandson.come here and see what i knit for you," she would always say.
even with her trembling hands,she would knit pairs of them;
one sold at the marketplace every weekend,the other she kept for Garcon.

and they lived their lives day by day.
until one day,
a Pyrocannon arrived from the city.
the cannon was a grim sign,for it was associated with the monster who live on the Mounts of Esig.
this monster had terrorized the land,hunting the villagers before eating a few of them alive.
so the wizard were called to council and thus they came with a plan to appease the monster by sending a child every 3 months.the question however arose :who should be sacrificed?
conclusively the Pyrocannon was created,one that will fire a Pyro-mark into the sky,and the house that it fell on to,have to give their child as sacrifice.

and that day,
it fell on Master Slardar's house,who had a young boy at the age of eight.
the mother was hysterical as she received the ill news.furore proceeded and the house was in chaos.everyone was grieving,waiting agitatedly for the Pyro-army to take young Master Jabar away to be sacrificed.

then an idea struck Master Slardar.
he took the Pyro-mark and called for Garcon.
hastily he asked Garcon to replace his son's place.
something one would insanely accept.
Garcon was to reject the deal,
when he saw the boy's mother running towards him,tears running over her face.
she plead and beg beseechingly,until Garcon cannot refuse no more.
thus when the Pyro-army came and asked,he answered,
" was to me the Pyro-mark fell to."

Garcon was given the chance to pack his things before going up Mount Esig.
as he arrived home,his grandma was surprised,
"you are back early today,Garcon.was there a problem?"
"I'm just back to take a few things grandma.i'll be going back now."
"did something happened?"she persisted.
but he kept quiet.
"will u be back this evening?"she continued.
to this,Granco kissed his grandma's cheek and answered,


"i wont grandma,i got the Pyro-mark.
but i promise u i'll be back,"
he looked into his grandma´s eyes before saying goodbye.

"i will,"he said.
he smiled and looked into his grandma´s eyes before saying goodbye.
a fake smile and the last goodbye.

the story ending differs accordingly to the dialog u choose.
u came this far,so do pick one!click any of the above dialog.
i recommend u to read the 1st link,even if u wish to read both ending.

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