Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Purple Flippers

There was once a turtle who couldn't find his flippers.(Oh yes,turtles can pluck theirs flippers out,leaving their short,knob-like stubby hands).So Penyu had lost his flippers and without them he neither can swim properly,nor can he play with his friends.Moreover he can't go to the Seadium,for there was a great Sea-game that day,a big match between the Sharks and the Jaws.

However Penyu still couldn't find his flippers,so he asked for his friend's help,Cloowney the clownfish.
"Cloowney,have you seen my flippers?"
"What flippers?oh,those flippers.You always leave them everywhere.Now you've lost it,again"
"Can you please help me find them then?The game' s about to start."
So they searched for Penyu's flippers,among the corals,through the anemone,in the sands and even in the oyster clam,everywhere,in vain.Thus at the end they decided to seek Penyu's uncle's help, Old-turtle Jim.

Fortunately Old-turtle Jim had a few pairs of old flippers,so Penyu tried them one pair after the other,until at last a purple pair fit him like a glove(or rather like flippers).
Though he was embarrassed to be seen wearing an odd-looking pair of flippers,Penyu had no other choice,but to swim with them to the Seadium.As they were leaving,Old-turtle Jim said,
"I can't really recall about those flippers.I actually don't think they're mine.Just bring them back right after the game."
With those words they left Old-turtle Jim's and arrived at Seadium just in the nick of time.It was a spectacular sight as thousands and thousands of sea creatures and cretins gathered to watch the game.It was a sight indeed as fans shouted and applauded to their favourite team.

Unbeknownst to the the spectators,there was a Leviathan sleeping in a nearby underwater cave.However, asleep he was no more,woken by the commotion and racket caused from all the cheering and jeering.Oh my, a leviathan is not a friendly creature,not even in its best mood,let alone when it's disturbed from its sleep!

Thus the Leviathan marched to the Seadium,stamping its feet along the way,crushing stalls selling hotblobs and bloopcorn(for they bloop! instead of pop!), and also creatures that weren't fast enough to get out of Leviathan's way.

Penyu was about to be smashed too, until at the last moments he flapped his flippers very hard,that the Leviathan missed him just by a scale.Unfortunately Penyu had flapped so hard that one of his flippers came of , and however hard he tried he couldn't put it back again.Penyu was then so frustrated that he threw the purple flipper.Amidst the calamity and chaos,among the fishes swimming and scampering,Penyu's flipper magically hit the Leviathan's head,before returning back to Penyu.

So Penyu threw it again,hitting Leviathan's head before returning to him just as before.Penyu then threw both of his flippers,which both came back to him.

The frightened creatures that were swimming for their lives suddenly stopped and stared at Penyu.It was not long before every creature threw things at the Leviathan.Crabs threw their claws,sharks threw their teeth(for sharks grow new teeth),prawns threw their skins and the last and most of them were the turtles who threw their flippers.Naturally only the flippers came back like a boomerang.There was so many flippers hitting his head en masse~poking his eyes,prodding his nose~that Leviathan could not stand anymore and finally was forced to run away,never to be seen again.

That day Penyu was hailed as the hero,a story about how the purple flippers saved the day.

The end

Old-turtle Jim

Penyu as a laughing stock

Illustrations done by Amir Safwan Shuib


Pemburu said...

wakakkaka. influenced by dota eh? lol
nk cita psal lich plak ah. razor ka? prodigy sket... =p
bridge to terabithia ka...

ezaty said...

what imagination. hg sorg2 ke kat sana?

anyways. baguslaa skrg ni ur freer with ur thoughts. walopun penyu.

anti tikus gondol said...

lar... leviathan tu tak tau elak ke?
tak macho btol.. harapkan besar n garang je..
dh ok dh cta ni... cuma tak best sbb penyu tak cedera.. ataupun, kena tangkap, then dia cucuk mata leviathan ke..
pastu leviathan buta sampai skrang. n tunggu nk balas dendam kt penyu.. sbb tu penyu dh tak penah pegi seadium sbb takot jumpa leviathan... huhu...

tp honestly, cta ni best. menarik2...

pech said...

muaz:agak levi mmg ada dlm wiki.

ezaty:imaginasi aku mmg dh camni dr dlu.cuma x ckp mkn.

ATG:dah besar mmg a susah nk elok...erk.klau nk smbg penyu kena culik ka apa ka,silakan.